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Junk Mileage-Why You Need To Run The H2MC

Posted 5 months ago

This sport can be downright cruel sometimes…

Yep...you can put in the hours of training, commit most of your waking moments to pondering how you can improve your race tactics, but in the end, the above can, and sometimes will happen. Unless you are a complete empathy-less arsehole (hi anonymous poster!), you can’t help but feel for Jack Sheffar and Connor Black, watching as they pour the months and years of their life into that last 200m.

Friends, that was way too hard to watch. I just can’t keep doing this to myself! I won’t! And luckily for us, we don’t have to... 

What if I told you that there is a road race out there that is so absurd, and so inconsequential that you’ll forget about the disappointments of the “real” racing season? Yes, friends let me tell you,  the end of the collegiate indoor season means that the annual recurrence of what may be the very best novelty running based sports out there, the Kingston Highway 2 McDonalds Challenge is back, and there is still time, so you should most definitely sign up. 

Firstly though, what is the H2MC? Now in it’s ninth year, members of the Queens XC/Track team have organized this race to coincide with the end of the indoor season, (Saturday,March 18th this year). The concept is easy enough: You run from the start line to the predetermined McDonalds (4km), scarf down a Double Big Mac, Fries and carbonated Coke product, and then run back to where you started. If you spew, you run a penalty lap on a course that they’ve designed. Simple.

 In total, you run about 8km and finish with a strange feeling in your stomach that could be indigestion, or it could be the physical side effects of regret. 

Squeamish about trying this out for the first time? Don’t be! Talking with one of the organizers, famed beer miler Jeff Mountjoy, “I'd say experience plays a small part, but it's more important to have a strong stomach on the day.” Special dietary restrictions that keep you from the double Big Mac? Again, no need to worry, “We have always had provisions for dietary needs. We just say that if you suggest an alternative, we'll approve it if it seems to be roughly equivalent volume-wise and amount of calories. Not many take advantage of it. Some people like Archer despise vegetables, so he would have plain burgers but have to eat extra fries or an extra plain cheeseburger.”

Also worth noting, it looks to be anyone’s race at this point, “One thing I'd say about this year is it could be wide open. Several of the top people (from)  last year won't be racing this year so there should be lots of surprises.”

A race that accepts anyone crazy enough to attempt it, is newbie friendly, and appears to have no clear favorite? What are you waiting for? 

Also, you can count on there being no missed laps, little chance of boring sit and kick racing...oh yeah, and Flotrack hasn’t found a way to exploit it/ ruin all it’s underground coolness...yet. As well, proceeds from this event will go to Martha’s Table, a Kingston not for profit that provides low cost nutritious meals to those in need...very cool.

So there...there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be catching a ride to Kingston (the novelty running-based sport capital of the world) next Saturday to participate in this wicked and weird event, and forget about the cruelness that can be our sport.

Sign up here.

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