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The Best of the Boston Marathon on Twitter

Posted 3 months ago

By Michael Rochus

Well, another chapter has been written in the book that is the Boston Marathon. The race, hallowed ground for all who choose to lace up a pair of sneakers with the intent of running, was, for the most part, exciting...not 1982 Salazar/Beardsley, but pretty good overall.Luckily, the event nicely coincided with Easter Monday, so chances are, you got to watch it, but in case you were one of those unfortunate souls who had to work, I wouldn’t worry too much, because as usual, the running inclined corner of Twitter painstaking recorded and offered reaction to every second of the race. Now, chances are, you don’t have time to go through all 5 trillion Boston Marathon related tweets, so let me do you a solid here, and condense them down into an article that you should be able to read (and think up a snarky comment for) in a standard length trip to the washroom.

Here goes.

Photo:Greg M. Cooper-USA Today Sports


Seriously! It seems that the winner of both the marathon and the “best dressed for the weather conditions” award was Geoffrey Kirui.  By some accounts it was 25 degrees C out, and somehow Rupp still thought it would be a good idea to wear half tights? There is not enough Body Glide in the world for me to ever think that would be a good idea. If anything though, this experience made Galen more relatable with the average runner, as he will be one of the many Boston Marathoners in “Chafe City” tonight.

There is a full line of tweets on elite Canadian marathoner, Leslie Sexton’s page right now that speak to why commentators should stop talking about runners’ weights. This past year has seen a few stories of runner’s bravely telling of their struggles with eating disorders, and the reality is that there are many more hiding in plain site, trying to deal with it on their own. It can feel like when broadcasters talk about “leaner runners being faster runners”, it’s setting up those who are watching to make or encourage unhealthy nutrition practices.


If the Nike Oregon Project is made up of Wayne Gretzkys, then the Hanson group is made up of people like Gary Roberts. Talented, yes, but also equipped with unkillable work ethic, toughness, a “prepared for anything” attitude, and ultimately, grace. No doubt Des Linden was hoping for better than 4th, but her attitude is what makes her one of my favorite runners of all time.


Not much to say about this...I think the tweet really captures how special this guy really is, especially to the Boston Marathon. It was like watching the Undertaker retire at Wrestlemania this year. It’s been a rough sporting month for me, folks.


Roll over Beer Mile, there is a new “best novelty running based sport” in town! Congrats to Michael Bergeron on a fantastic feat!


John Mason brings a lot of character to the marathon event, often being seen warming up in the finest flannel shirts just before his biggest races. But, there is a big difference between warming up in plaid, and running the entire race in said fabric. This tweet is straight up “real recognize real,” I guess they say...and maybe it’s about time that Speed River look into some performance plaid for John’s next marathon.


If real news and results are more your thing, then you’ll want to look through CRS race director, Alan Brookes’ feed. His twitter game is on a whole other level.

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