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Jerome! said 2 months ago

Harry Jerome sells out of tickets!

I saw they had like an 1,800 seat facility and they've sold all the tickets already. I think that's a small facility but maybe perfect for Canadian Athletics at the moment and pretty impressive to sell almost 2000 tickets! Does Vancouver have a really active athletics community? What can other meets learn from this.

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  • athletics-illustrated User since:
    Mar 28th, 2017
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    Athletics Illustrated said 2 months ago

    Well there are a few things at play. There are about 2.5 million people in the lower mainland or "Greater Vancouver" to Abbotsford. Pretty sports friendly city, the Whitecaps for example I think sell more tickets for soccer than the Lions for CFL football.

    But you have a race director is who is retired and non-stop pushing the messaging electronically. He is a machine and a well-respected person.

    Also, there Andre de Grasse, half of the bro-love team from Rio and Melissa Bishop, the best female 800m runner in the world.

    That meet should get 20,000 out, like a Canucks game. Canucks play 41 games, Jerome is once. We need to re-engineer what "sport-minded" is in Canada .....

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  • new-post-last-visitel-hefe User since:
    Oct 16th, 2016
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    El Hefe said 2 months ago

    Last year at Swangard Stadium there were over 5000 people at the Jerome!! It helped they had the Eaton's, Shannon Rowbury, Brenda Martinez, de Grasse and Bishop. The Clement's should receive the lion's share the credit for keeping track alive in Vancouver and raising it's profile. It will be nice to be back at Swangard next year because Coquitlam Town Centre stadium is tiny and you can't even watch the HJ and throws events from your seat.

    Vancouver should be called Track Town Canada not Edmonton, Guelph, etc.

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