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    Anonymous said 1 month ago

    So i have to post this as anonymous cause most of you know who i am. I wont say which school this is either. I went down on a track scholar visit with the walk on option for football. Now I had visited 4 other schools by this point and had verbally committed to a school. It was about 3 weeks before national signing day and i'm not sure what meet it was, it might have been adams invitation or i think project athletics used to put on a high school meet called friday night lights or something. all i remember bout that meet is they gave out a red gym bag. anyways, I ran some repressive indoor pbs that had many eyes on me and tnfnorth, RIP, definitely help with the buzz.

    So I randomly got an email for this school in the south. and winter wasn't going so well here, so i was like screw it lets go! Sooooo, I flew down and did the traditional walk through with the staff and saw all the facilities and what not. During this time i was introduced to a sr on the team who would be my guide for the weekend. Once the coaches left he helped me with my bags to the hotel i was going in and asked what clothes i brought. I was like ughhh sweats. He then said lets go. we went to the mall and he bought me an outfit for the night. Before i left he asked me wa i drink. I already knew i wasn't signing there and said bring rum. he left and did his thing and picked me up later on.

    We get to this party. Its like a frat house, or if anyone is from toronto, its exactly like the maddy. Anyways, he says whatever u do, just dont go to the attic and we good to go. So its like a 5 story house, naturally i went exploring. so u walked in there's the main floor, then there's 2 below and 2 above. On the main floor was the usual beer pong, keg stand, etc. In the basement was an orgy...nope not making it up a full on orgy. on the 1st floor was girl on girl only and yes viewership was not just welcomed it was encouraged. the 4th floor was the private rooms for yall to do wa u want. and the attic was just where the druggies were at. u name it they had...

    It's safe to say if you read this story and anyone who saw me over those years knew where i signed! NO REGRETS!!!!!!!

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