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Costs said 3 months ago

What does your track club charge for kids 14-15?

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    Apr 1st, 2006
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    Cummings said 2 months ago

    Quoting: NC Blogger
    "As a teacher, while the idea of getting a little extra for the extra-curriculars seems nice, I think it would be a dangerous road to travel.

    Who would decide who gets to coach what team? The principal? I smell unions getting involved which would create situations, which unions tend to do, that would be disastrous.

    Parents want a (insert sport) offered, so the principal offers up some cash and someone steps in for the money without bringing any sort of expertise along (I know coaches with little to no expertise exist in the system anyway, but they have better motives that a fatter paycheck).

    If my team has a poor season can someone else go to the principal and ask for a crack at it? What becomes the objectives of the team? Once money gets involved you can bet it would be about winning - and that is not what youth sport should really be about. The focus should be on development.

    My $0.02, which is more than I've been paid to coach over the last 20 years."

    You are right about this one. In a perfect world, it would be something that could be sorted out. In reality it actually wouldn't be something that I would push back hard on. My suggestions would be horrible ideas in practice. The idealist in me got the better half of my thoughts when I posted this previously. If only pipe dreams were functional in the real world...

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