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Melissa Hardy sets bar high for track and field season

Posted 5 years ago

DEER LAKE - Melissa Hardy keeps setting goals and knocking them off the list.

It appears the running sensation from Deer Lake has no plans to slow down as she pursues excellence in track and field with the St. Francis Xavier X-Women cross-country running team in the Atlantic University Sport.

The Deer Lake native capped off  a stellar cross-country running season by claiming the gold medal in the six-kilometre race at the AUS championships in Moncton in October. She then went on to place 25th overall at the Canadian Intercollegiate Sport (CIS) championships in London a few weeks later.

Traditionally, Hardy don’t get to show her form in track and field until January, but this year the athletics season actually got underway with the first meet in November, only a week after competing at CIS.

She was quite impressed with how she did in her first test, especially since she was competing so close to the gruelling cross-country nationals that saw Hardy crawl to the finish line for 25th spot.

“I ran the 3,000 and I had a pb (personal best) by 13 seconds. I ran 10 minutes flat,” Hardy said while taking time away from a workout while home for the holidays. “So that was pretty cool so it started off the season setting the bar pretty high so I have to make sure I’m pretty fit when I go back in January to be able to maintain that and improve on that.”

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