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Western University >>

Name Adele St. John
Position Athlete
Birthdate Unknown
Year of Study 1
Eligibility 1

Performances (2022/23)

Weight Throw15.75mPurple & WhiteNov 22
Shot Put11.84mPurple & WhiteNov 22
Shot Put12.66mCan AmsJan 13
Weight Throw14.99mCan AmsJan 13
Weight Throw14.97mDon Wright Team ChallengeJan 21
Weight Throw15.18mHillsdale Wide Track ClassicJan 28
Shot Put12.21mHillsdale Wide Track ClassicJan 28
Shot Put11.83mWindsor Team ChallengeFeb 10
Shot Put12.76mSilverston InvitationalFeb 17
Weight Throw14.55mSilverston InvitationalFeb 17
Shot Put12.66mOUA Track and Field ChampsFeb 24
Weight Throw14.89mOUA Track and Field ChampsFeb 24
Weight Throw14.20mUSports ChampionshipsMar 9
Shot Put12.71mUSports ChampionshipsMar 9

Performances (2021/22)

Shot Put12.03mPurple and White IntrasquadNov 16
Weight Throw13.62mPurple and White IntrasquadNov 16
Shot Put11.92mBob Vigars OpenerNov 28
Weight Throw14.96mBob Vigars OpenerNov 28
Weight Throw14.94mLancer Season ReBootFeb 13
Shot Put12.39mLancer Season ReBootFeb 13
Weight Throw15.52mCan Am ClassicFeb 20
Shot Put12.45mCan Am ClassicFeb 20
Weight Throw16.03mDon Wright Team ChallengeMar 5
Shot Put12.13mDon Wright Team ChallengeMar 5
Weight Throw15.56mMustangs TwilightMar 10
Shot Put12.21mOUA ChampsMar 18
Weight Throw15.42mOUA ChampsMar 18
Weight Throw15.02mU Sports Indoor ChampionshipsMar 31
Shot Put11.88mU Sports Indoor ChampionshipsMar 31

Performances (2019/20)

Shot Put13.28mBob Vigars OpenerNov 30
Weight Throw15.16mBob Vigars OpenerNov 30
Shot Put12.21mDon Wright Team Challenge and All-ComersJan 18
Weight Throw14.59mDon Wright Team Challenge and All-ComersJan 18
Shot Put12.92mCan Am International - EMUJan 25
Weight Throw12.28mCan Am International - EMUJan 25
Shot Put13.12mYork OpenJan 31
Weight Throw15.23mYork OpenJan 31
Weight Throw14.94mUniversity of Guelph Last ChanceFeb 14
Shot Put12.26mUniversity of Guelph Last ChanceFeb 14
Shot Put13.04mOUA ChampionshipsFeb 21
Weight Throw14.70mOUA ChampionshipsFeb 21
Shot Put13.28mU Sports Track & Field ChampionshipsMar 5