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Name Alain Doucet
Position Athlete
Birthdate 1996
Program Génie Électrique
Year of Study 5
Eligibility 5
Hometown Dieppe NB


Shot Put12.15mJump Start Athletics Moncton OpenJan 12th
Pole Vault4.10mJump Start Athletics Moncton OpenJan 12th
Shot Put10.95mMcGill Team ChallengeJan 25th
Heptathlon4275ptsMcGill Team ChallengeJan 25th
High Jump1.84mMcGill Team ChallengeJan 25th
60 Meter7.65McGill Team ChallengeJan 25th
Pole Vault3.85mMcGill Team ChallengeJan 25th
1000 Meter3:05.80McGill Team ChallengeJan 25th
Long Jump6.07mMcGill Team ChallengeJan 25th
60 Meter Hurdles9.60McGill Team ChallengeJan 25th
Long Jump6.08mAUS Track & Field ChampionshipsFeb 22nd
1000 Meter2:57.95AUS Track & Field ChampionshipsFeb 22nd
Shot Put12.04mAUS Track & Field ChampionshipsFeb 22nd
Pole Vault4.20mAUS Track & Field ChampionshipsFeb 22nd
60 Meter Hurdles9.38AUS Track & Field ChampionshipsFeb 22nd
Heptathlon4549ptsAUS Track & Field ChampionshipsFeb 22nd
High Jump1.82mAUS Track & Field ChampionshipsFeb 22nd
60 Meter7.63AUS Track & Field ChampionshipsFeb 22nd
60 Meter Hurdles9.48USPORT ChampionshipsMar 7th
Shot Put12.66mUSPORT ChampionshipsMar 7th
High Jump1.82mUSPORT ChampionshipsMar 7th
Heptathlon4486ptsUSPORT ChampionshipsMar 7th
60 Meter7.63USPORT ChampionshipsMar 7th
Pole Vault4.05mUSPORT ChampionshipsMar 7th
1000 Meter2:57.96USPORT ChampionshipsMar 7th
Long Jump5.90mUSPORT ChampionshipsMar 7th

Performances (2017/18)

Shot Put10.60mMoncton OpenJan 14th
Pole Vault4.20mMoncton OpenJan 14th
60 Meter7.63Moncton OpenJan 14th
High Jump1.75mMoncton OpenJan 14th
Long Jump5.64mMcGill Team ChallengeJan 26th
Shot Put10.76mMcGill Team ChallengeJan 26th
60 Meter7.65McGill Team ChallengeJan 26th
High Jump1.77mMcGill Team ChallengeJan 26th
High Jump1.81mAUS ChampionshipsFeb 23rd
High Jump1.77mAUS ChampionshipsFeb 23rd
1000 Meter3:03.68AUS ChampionshipsFeb 23rd
Pole Vault4.10mAUS ChampionshipsFeb 23rd
Pole Vault4.20mAUS ChampionshipsFeb 23rd
60 Meter Hurdles9.53AUS ChampionshipsFeb 23rd
Shot Put11.56mAUS ChampionshipsFeb 23rd
Shot Put11.98mAUS ChampionshipsFeb 23rd
Long Jump5.96mAUS ChampionshipsFeb 23rd
Heptathlon4407ptsAUS ChampionshipsFeb 23rd
60 Meter7.52AUS ChampionshipsFeb 23rd

Performances (2016/17)

High Jump1.75mUdeM Last Chance MeetDec 17th
Shot Put10.95mLast ChanceDec 17th
Long Jump5.67mLast ChanceDec 17th
Shot Put10.95mUdeM Last Chance MeetDec 17th
High Jump1.75mLast ChanceDec 17th
Long Jump5.67mUdeM Last Chance MeetDec 17th
60 Meter Hurdles9.62Moncton JSA OpenJan 14th
Pole Vault3.80mMoncton JSA OpenJan 14th
Shot Put11.41mMcGill Team ChallengeJan 27th
60 Meter Hurdles9.56McGill Team ChallengeJan 27th
Long Jump5.64mMcGill Team ChallengeJan 27th
1000 Meter2:56.57McGill Team ChallengeJan 27th
Pole Vault4.00mMcGill Team ChallengeJan 27th
60 Meter7.61McGill Team ChallengeJan 27th
Heptathlon4345ptsMcGill Team ChallengeJan 27th
High Jump1.82mMcGill Team ChallengeJan 27th
60 Meter Hurdles9.68AUS ChampionshipsFeb 24th
Pole Vault4.11mAUS ChampionshipsFeb 24th
High Jump1.79mAUS ChampionshipsFeb 24th
Heptathlon4406ptsAUS ChampionshipsFeb 24th
60 Meter7.58AUS ChampionshipsFeb 24th
Long Jump6.15mAUS ChampionshipsFeb 24th
1000 Meter2:59.17AUS ChampionshipsFeb 24th
Shot Put11.71mAUS ChampionshipsFeb 24th
High Jump1.69mUSport ChampionshipsMar 9th
Heptathlon4211ptsUSport ChampionshipsMar 9th
60 Meter7.62USport ChampionshipsMar 9th
Pole Vault4.20mUSport ChampionshipsMar 9th
1000 Meter3:03.18USport ChampionshipsMar 9th
Long Jump5.86mUSport ChampionshipsMar 9th
60 Meter Hurdles9.44USport ChampionshipsMar 9th
Shot Put10.41mUSport ChampionshipsMar 9th

Performances (2015/16)

60 Meter7.7815th Annual Gagetown Indoor MeetNov 28th
Shot Put10.18m15th Annual Gagetown Indoor MeetNov 28th
Long Jump5.38mASEA Last Chance MeetDec 19th
Pole Vault3.55mASEA Last Chance MeetDec 19th
Shot Put10.35mASEA Last Chance MeetDec 19th
Pole Vault3.70mJump Start Athletics Moncton OpenJan 16th
Shot Put10.45mJump Start Athletics Moncton OpenJan 16th
60 Meter Hurdles9.83Jump Start Athletics Moncton OpenJan 16th
60 Meter7.74McGill Team ChallengeJan 29th
Long Jump5.46mMcGill Team ChallengeJan 29th
1000 Meter2:58.82McGill Team ChallengeJan 29th
Pole Vault3.90mMcGill Team ChallengeJan 29th
60 Meter Hurdles9.84McGill Team ChallengeJan 29th
Shot Put10.90mMcGill Team ChallengeJan 29th
Heptathlon4000ptsMcGill Team ChallengeJan 29th
High Jump1.66mMcGill Team ChallengeJan 29th
Pole Vault3.80mAUS ChampionshipsFeb 27th
High Jump1.71mAUS ChampionshipsFeb 27th
60 Meter7.64AUS ChampionshipsFeb 27th
Long Jump5.32mAUS ChampionshipsFeb 27th
1000 Meter2:55.21AUS ChampionshipsFeb 27th
Shot Put10.80mAUS ChampionshipsFeb 27th
60 Meter Hurdles9.76AUS ChampionshipsFeb 27th
Heptathlon4023ptsAUS ChampionshipsFeb 27th

Performances (2014/15)

60 Meter7.80Gagetown Last ChanceNov 29th
High Jump1.65mUdeM Last Chance Dec 20th
60 Meter7.87UdeM Last Chance Dec 20th
Pole Vault3.30mUdeM Last Chance Dec 20th
Shot Put9.81mMoncton OpenJan 17th
High Jump1.65mMoncton OpenJan 17th
Long Jump5.50mMoncton OpenJan 17th
60 Meter Hurdles10.21McGill Team ChallengeJan 23rd
Pentathlon2790ptsMcGill Team ChallengeJan 23rd
High Jump1.75mMcGill Team ChallengeJan 23rd
Pole Vault3.38mMcGill Team ChallengeJan 23rd
Long Jump5.63mMcGill Team ChallengeJan 23rd
1000 Meter2:56.78McGill Team ChallengeJan 23rd
Shot Put9.83mMcGill Team ChallengeJan 23rd
Shot Put10.60mNB Indoor ChampionshipsFeb 7th
60 Meter Hurdles10.13NB Indoor ChampionshipsFeb 7th
Long Jump5.50mNB Indoor ChampionshipsFeb 7th
High Jump1.73mAUS ChampionshipsFeb 28th
Pole Vault3.50mAUS ChampionshipsFeb 28th
Long Jump5.49mAUS ChampionshipsFeb 28th
1000 Meter2:55.69AUS ChampionshipsFeb 28th
Shot Put10.73mAUS ChampionshipsFeb 28th
60 Meter Hurdles10.07AUS ChampionshipsFeb 28th
Pentathlon2801ptsAUS ChampionshipsFeb 28th

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