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University of Saskatchewan >>

Name Brendan Ritchie
Position Athlete
Birthdate 1998
Year of Study 2
Eligibility 1
Hometown Eatonia


600 Meter1:34.98PR Athletics First ChanceDec 1st
60 Meter7.50PR Athletics First ChanceDec 1st
High Jump1.58mDowntown Lions Sled Dog Track & Field MeetJan 11th
60 Meter7.54Downtown Lions Sled Dog Track & Field MeetJan 11th
60 Meter Hurdles9.28Downtown Lions Sled Dog Track & Field MeetJan 11th
Long Jump6.21mGolden Bear OpenJan 18th
1000 Meter3:00.52Golden Bear OpenJan 18th
Shot Put11.60mGolden Bear OpenJan 18th
60 Meter Hurdles9.21Golden Bear OpenJan 18th
High Jump1.66mGolden Bear OpenJan 18th
Pole Vault3.80mGolden Bear OpenJan 18th
60 Meter7.42Golden Bear OpenJan 18th
Heptathlon4386ptsGolden Bear OpenJan 18th
Pole Vault3.40mK of C GamesJan 24th
High Jump1.67mPandas OpenFeb 8th
Pole Vault3.62mPandas OpenFeb 8th
60 Meter7.41Pandas OpenFeb 8th
Heptathlon4375ptsPandas OpenFeb 8th
Long Jump6.36mPandas OpenFeb 8th
1000 Meter3:03.74Pandas OpenFeb 8th
Shot Put11.98mPandas OpenFeb 8th
60 Meter Hurdles9.21Pandas OpenFeb 8th
1000 Meter3:02.74Canada West ChampionshipsFeb 22nd
Long Jump6.43mCanada West ChampionshipsFeb 22nd
60 Meter Hurdles9.34Canada West ChampionshipsFeb 22nd
Shot Put12.09mCanada West ChampionshipsFeb 22nd
Heptathlon4422ptsCanada West ChampionshipsFeb 22nd
High Jump1.69mCanada West ChampionshipsFeb 22nd
60 Meter7.32Canada West ChampionshipsFeb 22nd
Pole Vault3.60mCanada West ChampionshipsFeb 22nd
1000 Meter3:13.82USPORT ChampionshipsMar 7th
Long Jump6.20mUSPORT ChampionshipsMar 7th
60 Meter Hurdles9.34USPORT ChampionshipsMar 7th
Shot Put12.05mUSPORT ChampionshipsMar 7th
High Jump1.64mUSPORT ChampionshipsMar 7th
Heptathlon4224ptsUSPORT ChampionshipsMar 7th
60 Meter7.44USPORT ChampionshipsMar 7th
Pole Vault3.75mUSPORT ChampionshipsMar 7th

Performances (2017/18)

60 Meter Hurdles9.81PR Athletics First ChanceDec 2nd
200 Meter (non ranking)25.50PR Athletics First ChanceDec 2nd
Shot Put10.51mSanta Clause ThrowsDec 16th
High Jump1.60mDowntown Lions Sled DogJan 12th
60 Meter Hurdles9.41Downtown Lions Sled DogJan 12th
Long Jump5.61mDowntown Lions Sled DogJan 12th
60 Meter7.65Downtown Lions Sled DogJan 12th
Shot Put10.86mKnights of Columbus GamesJan 25th
60 Meter Hurdles9.49Knights of Columbus GamesJan 25th
Long Jump5.68mKnights of Columbus GamesJan 25th
Pole Vault3.40mKnights of Columbus GamesJan 25th
Shot Put10.40mBison ClassicFeb 2nd
Long Jump6.07mBison ClassicFeb 2nd
High Jump1.71mPandas OpenFeb 9th
Heptathlon4197ptsPandas OpenFeb 9th
60 Meter Hurdles9.40Pandas OpenFeb 9th
Long Jump5.94mPandas OpenFeb 9th
Pole Vault3.50mPandas OpenFeb 9th
Shot Put11.07mPandas OpenFeb 9th
1000 Meter2:59.48Pandas OpenFeb 9th
60 Meter7.51Pandas OpenFeb 9th
60 Meter Hurdles9.25CanWest ChampionshipsFeb 23rd
Shot Put10.42mCanWest ChampionshipsFeb 23rd
Heptathlon4099ptsCanWest ChampionshipsFeb 23rd
High Jump1.69mCanWest ChampionshipsFeb 23rd
60 Meter7.53CanWest ChampionshipsFeb 23rd
Pole Vault3.20mCanWest ChampionshipsFeb 23rd
1000 Meter3:00.42CanWest ChampionshipsFeb 23rd
Long Jump6.02mCanWest ChampionshipsFeb 23rd

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