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University of Toronto >>

Name Ezana Debalkew
Position Athlete
Birthdate Unknown
Program Computer Science
Year of Study 0
Hometown Addis Ababa
High School Don Mills Collegiate Institute

Performances (2021/22)

No results found for this athlete.

Performances (2018/19)

Weight Throw17.57m18th Annual York University Xmas OpenDec 1
Weight Throw17.68mCornell Upstate ChallengeJan 18
Weight Throw18.25mPenn State NationalJan 25
Shot Put13.76mPenn State NationalJan 25
Shot Put13.91mYork OpenFeb 1
Weight Throw16.77mYork OpenFeb 1
Shot Put13.34mSpire NCAA D1 InvitationalFeb 8
Weight Throw16.70mSpire NCAA D1 InvitationalFeb 8
Shot Put13.54mHal Brown MemorialFeb 15
Weight Throw16.35mHal Brown MemorialFeb 15
Shot Put14.10mOUA ChampionshipsFeb 22
Weight Throw17.33mOUA ChampionshipsFeb 22
Weight Throw18.83mUSPORT ChampionshipsMar 7

Performances (2017/18)

Weight Throw16.19mSharon Anderson MemorialJan 6
Weight Throw15.14m37th Annual Can Am ClassicJan 12
Shot Put13.77m37th Annual Can Am ClassicJan 12
Shot Put13.15mFred Foot MemorialJan 20
Weight Throw16.97mFred Foot MemorialJan 20
Weight Throw17.51mCornell Kane InvitationalJan 27
Shot Put13.86mCornell Kane InvitationalJan 27
Shot Put13.91mSPIRE NCAA D1 InviteFeb 9
Weight Throw17.97mSPIRE NCAA D1 InviteFeb 9
Weight Throw17.62mHal Brown MemorialFeb 16
Shot Put13.43mHal Brown MemorialFeb 16
Weight Throw17.51mOUA ChampionshipsFeb 23
Shot Put14.47mOUA ChampionshipsFeb 23
Shot Put14.32mUSport ChampionshipsMar 8
Weight Throw16.81mUSport ChampionshipsMar 8

Performances (2016/17)

Weight Throw16.56mSharon Anderson MemorialJan 7
Shot Put13.89mSharon Anderson MemorialJan 7
Shot Put13.31mCanAm ClassicJan 13
Shot Put13.72mFred Foot MemorialJan 20
Weight Throw14.99mFred Foot MemorialJan 20
Weight Throw16.73mAkron InvFeb 3
Weight Throw15.22mSpire D1 InvitationalFeb 10
Shot Put13.71mSpire D1 InvitationalFeb 10
Weight Throw15.54mHal Brown MemorialFeb 17
Shot Put13.43mHal Brown MemorialFeb 17
Shot Put12.75mOUA ChampsFeb 24
Weight Throw16.29mOUA ChampsFeb 24
Weight Throw18.46mUSport ChampionshipsMar 9

Performances (2015/16)

Shot Put13.35mFred Foot ClassicJan 15
Weight Throw15.47mFred Foot ClassicJan 15
Weight Throw16.31m45th Annual York University OpenJan 30
Shot Put12.77mSpire University InvitationalFeb 12
Weight Throw16.09mSpire University InvitationalFeb 12
Weight Throw17.03mOUA ChampionshipsFeb 26
Shot Put11.90mOUA ChampionshipsFeb 26

Performances (2014/15)

Weight Throw12.85mWindsor Can-Am ClassicJan 9
Weight Throw12.97mFred FootJan 16
Shot Put11.69mFred FootJan 16
Shot Put12.09mMcGill Team ChallengeJan 23
Weight Throw12.93mMcGill Team ChallengeJan 23
Weight Throw12.72mYork InvitationalJan 31
Shot Put11.05mYork InvitationalJan 31
Weight Throw14.61mHal Brown Last ChanceFeb 20
Shot Put12.26mGuelph Last Chance MeetFeb 20
Weight Throw14.55mGuelph Last Chance MeetFeb 20
Weight Throw14.94mOUA ChampionshipsFeb 27