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University of Manitoba >>

Name Madisson Lawrence
Position Athlete
Birthdate 1999
Program Science
Year of Study 2
Eligibility 2
Hometown Winnipeg
High School Oak Park High School


Shot Put8.54mGeorge Tanner Memorial ClassicDec 1st
Long Jump4.57mGeorge Tanner Memorial ClassicDec 1st
60 Meter Hurdles9.13AM Last Chance MeetDec 7th
High Jump1.50mAM Last Chance MeetDec 7th
Shot Put8.57mAM Last Chance MeetDec 7th
Long Jump4.91mAM Last Chance MeetDec 7th
60 Meter8.36AM Last Chance MeetDec 7th
60 Meter8.30Bison Grand Prix # 1Jan 9th
60 Meter Hurdles9.22Thundering Herd ClassicJan 12th
Long Jump4.87mThundering Herd ClassicJan 12th
800 Meter (non ranking)2:35.81WOA Winter OpenJan 18th
Shot Put9.10mWOA Winter OpenJan 18th
60 Meter Hurdles9.02WOA Winter OpenJan 18th
High Jump1.66mWOA Winter OpenJan 18th
60 Meter8.34WOA Winter OpenJan 18th
Long Jump5.03mWOA Winter OpenJan 18th
60 Meter Hurdles9.12Jack Johnson ClassicJan 25th
60 Meter Hurdles9.17Jack Johnson ClassicJan 25th
Shot Put9.80mJack Johnson ClassicJan 25th
High Jump1.58mJack Johnson ClassicJan 25th
Long Jump4.93mJack Johnson ClassicJan 25th
Pentathlon3408ptsJack Johnson ClassicJan 25th
800 Meter (non ranking)2:29.89Jack Johnson ClassicJan 25th
60 Meter Hurdles8.84Bison ClassicFeb 1st
60 Meter Hurdles8.96Bison ClassicFeb 1st
High Jump1.61mBison ClassicFeb 1st
Long Jump5.20mBison ClassicFeb 1st
Long Jump4.86mSDSU ClassicFeb 8th
60 Meter Hurdles9.05SDSU ClassicFeb 8th
60 Meter Hurdles8.94SDSU ClassicFeb 8th
High Jump1.67mSDSU ClassicFeb 8th
Shot Put9.88mCanada West ChampionshipsFeb 22nd
60 Meter Hurdles8.83Canada West ChampionshipsFeb 22nd
Pentathlon3723ptsCanada West ChampionshipsFeb 22nd
High Jump1.70mCanada West ChampionshipsFeb 22nd
High Jump1.64mCanada West ChampionshipsFeb 22nd
Long Jump5.24mCanada West ChampionshipsFeb 22nd
800 Meter (non ranking)2:25.36Canada West ChampionshipsFeb 22nd
Pentathlon3533ptsUSPORT ChampionshipsMar 7th
60 Meter Hurdles8.86USPORT ChampionshipsMar 7th
High Jump1.64mUSPORT ChampionshipsMar 7th
Long Jump5.23mUSPORT ChampionshipsMar 7th
High Jump1.65mUSPORT ChampionshipsMar 7th
Shot Put9.82mUSPORT ChampionshipsMar 7th
800 Meter (non ranking)2:31.83USPORT ChampionshipsMar 7th

Performances (2017/18)

High Jump1.50mGeorge Tanner Memorial ClassicDec 2nd
60 Meter9.02George Tanner Memorial ClassicDec 2nd
60 Meter Hurdles9.89George Tanner Memorial ClassicDec 2nd
High Jump1.55mAthletics Manitoba Last Chance MeetDec 8th
60 Meter Hurdles9.86Athletics Manitoba Last Chance MeetDec 8th
60 Meter Hurdles10.08NDSU Thundering Herd ClassicJan 13th
High Jump1.49mNDSU Thundering Herd ClassicJan 13th
60 Meter Hurdles9.91WOA Winter OpenJan 19th
60 Meter8.65WOA Winter OpenJan 19th
60 Meter Hurdles9.90Jack Johnson ClassicJan 26th
High Jump1.48mJack Johnson ClassicJan 26th
High Jump1.50mBison ClassicFeb 2nd
60 Meter Hurdles9.76SDSU Indoor ClassicFeb 9th
High Jump1.49mSDSU Indoor ClassicFeb 9th
High Jump1.54mCanWest ChampionshipsFeb 23rd

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