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Name Nathan Filipek Nathan Filipek
Position Athlete
Birthdate 1991
Program Science
Year of Study 5
Eligibility 4
Hometown Langley

Performances (2021/22)

No results found for this athlete.

Performances (2017/18)

Long Jump6.86mGolden Bear OpenJan 19
Pole Vault4.72mGolden Bear OpenJan 19
Pole Vault5.10mBison ClassicFeb 2
Pole Vault5.03mCanWest ChampionshipsFeb 23
Long Jump6.52mCanWest ChampionshipsFeb 23
Pole Vault4.85mUSport ChampionshipsMar 8

Performances (2015/16)

Pole Vault4.60mDowntown Lions Sled Dog Jan 14
Pole Vault4.90mGolden Bear OpenJan 22
Pole Vault4.78mUniversity of Washington Indoor MeetFeb 14
Pole Vault5.16mCanada West ChampionshipsFeb 26
Pole Vault4.82mCIS ChampionshipsMar 10

Performances (2014/15)

Pole Vault4.55mU of S Prairie DualJan 10
Pole Vault4.53mGolden Bear OpenJan 23
Pole Vault4.93mCanada West ChampionshipsFeb 27
Pole Vault4.92mCIS ChampionshipsMar 12

Performances (2013/14)

Pole Vault4.45mPrairie DualJan 11
1000 Meter3:00.22Golden Bear OpenJan 17
Shot Put11.01mGolden Bear OpenJan 17
60 Meter Hurdles9.28Golden Bear OpenJan 17
Pentathlon3171ptsGolden Bear OpenJan 17
High Jump1.68mGolden Bear OpenJan 17
Pole Vault4.72mGolden Bear OpenJan 17
Long Jump6.73mGolden Bear OpenJan 17
60 Meter Hurdles9.23New Mexico ClassicFeb 7
Pole Vault4.90mNew Mexico ClassicFeb 7
High Jump1.83mCanada West ChampionshipsFeb 21
Long Jump6.59mCanada West ChampionshipsFeb 21
1000 Meter2:45.93Canada West ChampionshipsFeb 21
Shot Put11.16mCanada West ChampionshipsFeb 21
60 Meter Hurdles9.01Canada West ChampionshipsFeb 21
Pentathlon3480ptsCanada West ChampionshipsFeb 21
Pole Vault4.75mCIS Track and Field ChampionshipsMar 6

Support Staff

Moerman, WesMCoach
Baynton, SeanMAssistant Coach
Cocks, MarkMAssistant Coach
Fisher, RobMAssistant Coach
Heshka-Wolf, CieraFAssistant Coach
Moerman, ChristieFAssistant Coach


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Allen, SpencerM1993Graduate Studies and Research5Kamloops, BC
Arthur, LoganM2000Kinesiology, Sport & Rec3Stony Plain, AB
Boczkowski, DaneM2001Arts2Beaumont, AB
Calef, BrendanM1997Graduate Studies and Research5Fort Saskatchewan, AB
Calef, WesleyM1999Science3Fort Saskatchewan, AB
Cebuliak, WillM2001Arts2Red Deer, AB
Chauvet, RobertM1998Graduate Studies and Research5Red Deer, AB
Chilagan, BrandonM2002Science1Saskatoon, Sk
Chou, Tzu YaoM1997Kinesiology, Sport & Rec2Taipei City
Cole, AustinM1998Kinesiology, Sport & Rec4Sherwood Park, AB
Cook, NicholasM2001Education2Edmonton, AB
David, JardinM2001Kinesiology, Sport & RecEdmonton, AB
Dixon, ScottM2000Science3Edmonton
Essapa, EvanM1999Science3Bordeaux, France
Eze, WesleyM2002Engineering1Calgary, AB
Fenske, JoelM2001Engineering2Edmonton, AB
Grocholski, KobeM2002Engineering2Edmonton, AB
Gross, AlexanderM2000Engineering2Kelowna
Kuye, TosinM2002Science1Sherwood Park
Li, JoshM1998Kinesiology, Sport & Rec3Edmonton
MacLellan, MatthewM1999Engineering3Beaumont, AB
Murray-White, CassianM2001Arts2Edmonton
Nadon-Shields, AlasdairM2002Engineering1Denwood
Parker, DerekM2000Arts2Leduc, AB
Pougnet, LeifM2002Engineering1Spruce Grove, AB
Rose, JoshM2001Arts1Edmonton
Rose, JustinM2001Business2Edmonton
Sawatzky, JakeM2001Engineering1Calgary, AB
Shehata, StevenM2003Kinesiology, Sport & Rec1Edmonton, AB
Sherif-Deen, HafizM2001Kinesiology, Sport & Rec1Edmonton
Simone, BrendanM1999Education4Windsor
Soderstrom, KurtM1998Law4Edmonton, AB
Stuermer, RileyM1999Engineering4St. Albert, AB
Telus, JacobM2003Kinesiology, Sport & Rec1Regina, SK
Ushko, JasonM2002Science1Edmonton
Velazquez, EmilianoM2003Engineering1Calgary, AB
Wafer, MatthewM2002Arts1Edmonton
Wiatr, JamesM2001Education2Bonnyville, AB
Workman, BenjaminM1997Education5Kingston, ON
Asselin-Debelic, MayaF1998Agric, Life & Environ Sciences2Naniamo, BC
Bodah, MosettaF2001Kinesiology, Sport & Rec4Edmonton, AB
Bosco, ClarisseF1997Campus Saint Jean1Vancouver, BC
Cole, AutumnF2001Arts2Sherwood Park
Cook, GraceF2001Science3Chestermere, AB
Cooper, OliviaF2001Kinesiology, Sport & Rec2Edmonton, AB
Enstrom, BrittanyF1999Education3Lloydminster, AB
Fairclough-Jones, CandaceF2001Agric, Life & Environ Sciences2Edmonton, AB
Feddema, JasmineF2000Kinesiology, Sport & Rec3Edmonton, AB
Ford, MadisonF2002Agric, Life & Environ Sciences1Edmonton
Gallimore, AbigailF2003Science1Edmonton
Gelineau, SophieF1998Nursing1Saskatoon, SK
Hardy, PaigeF2000Science2Naperville, Illinois
Harrison, HollyF2002Engineering1Langley, BC
Hebert, TaylorF2003Agric, Life & Environ Sciences1St. Vincent, AB
Justice, LindyF2001Nursing2Fort Saskatchewan, AB
Kluyts, CatharinaF1999Kinesiology, Sport & Rec4Knysna, South Africa
Leonard, SierraF2001Kinesiology, Sport & Rec2Coman Park, SK
Lim, MeghanF1997Graduate Studies and Research5Calgary, AB
Lo, AliciaF2000Science2Richmond, BC
Lovsin, JuliaF2001Education2Stony Plain, AB
Malin, MaijaF2002Kinesiology, Sport & Rec1Edmonton, Ab
Nfon, AshleyF2003Science1Winnipeg, MB
Ortega, CatalinaF2000Science2Calgary, AB
Pol, NanineF2003Arts1Edmonton
Rai, SimiF2000Kinesiology, Sport & Rec3Calgary, AB
Randall-Guy, LaurenF2003Engineering1Victoria, BC
Seidelmann, LisaF1999Kinesiology, Sport & Rec3White Rock, BC
Sinnatamby, TristanF2000Science3Edmonton
Stewart, HanaF2000Agric, Life & Environ Sciences2Fort Saskatchewan, AB
Swartz, KaitlinF2000Kinesiology, Sport & Rec3Lacombe, AB
Tan, JacynF2002Kinesiology, Sport & Rec1Edmonton, AB
Van Ryswyk, OliviaF2002Arts1Surrey, BC