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Name Ryan Evans
Position Athlete
Birthdate 1999


Long Jump6.04mPurple and White IntrasquadNov 20th
60 Meter7.62Purple and White IntrasquadNov 20th
Shot Put10.87mPurple and White IntrasquadNov 20th
600 Meter1:24.54Purple and White IntrasquadNov 20th
Pole Vault3.61mPurple and White IntrasquadNov 20th
1000 Meter2:47.25Bob Vigars OpenerDec 1st
High Jump1.75mBob Vigars OpenerDec 1st
Long Jump6.04mBob Vigars OpenerDec 1st
Pole Vault3.66mSharon Anderson MemorialJan 11th
60 Meter7.69Sharon Anderson MemorialJan 11th
1000 Meter2:44.69Sharon Anderson MemorialJan 11th
Shot Put11.15mYork OpenFeb 1st
High Jump1.77mYork OpenFeb 1st
Heptathlon4408ptsYork OpenFeb 1st
60 Meter7.55York OpenFeb 1st
Pole Vault3.50mYork OpenFeb 1st
1000 Meter2:47.76York OpenFeb 1st
Long Jump5.80mYork OpenFeb 1st
60 Meter Hurdles9.03York OpenFeb 1st
Long Jump5.82mOUA ChampionshipsFeb 22nd
60 Meter Hurdles8.98OUA ChampionshipsFeb 22nd
Shot Put11.37mOUA ChampionshipsFeb 22nd
High Jump1.77mOUA ChampionshipsFeb 22nd
Heptathlon4547ptsOUA ChampionshipsFeb 22nd
60 Meter7.56OUA ChampionshipsFeb 22nd
Pole Vault3.90mOUA ChampionshipsFeb 22nd
1000 Meter2:47.17OUA ChampionshipsFeb 22nd
Pole Vault3.95mUSPORT ChampionshipsMar 7th
1000 Meter2:49.35USPORT ChampionshipsMar 7th
Long Jump5.79mUSPORT ChampionshipsMar 7th
60 Meter Hurdles8.94USPORT ChampionshipsMar 7th
Shot Put11.40mUSPORT ChampionshipsMar 7th
High Jump1.76mUSPORT ChampionshipsMar 7th
Heptathlon4545ptsUSPORT ChampionshipsMar 7th
60 Meter7.52USPORT ChampionshipsMar 7th

Performances (2017/18)

Long Jump5.95mPurple and White IntrasquadNov 21st
60 Meter7.55Purple and White IntrasquadNov 21st
Shot Put10.45mPurple and White IntrasquadNov 21st
60 Meter7.64Purple and White IntrasquadNov 21st
600 Meter1:25.76Purple and White IntrasquadNov 21st
High Jump1.73m37th Annual Can Am ClassicJan 12th
Pole Vault3.31m37th Annual Can Am ClassicJan 12th
60 Meter Hurdles9.3037th Annual Can Am ClassicJan 12th
Long Jump6.01mDon Wright Team Challenge and All-ComersJan 20th
Shot Put10.54mDon Wright Team Challenge and All-ComersJan 20th
Heptathlon4215ptsYork OpenFeb 2nd
60 Meter7.51York OpenFeb 2nd
Pole Vault3.50mYork OpenFeb 2nd
1000 Meter2:56.37York OpenFeb 2nd
Long Jump5.41mYork OpenFeb 2nd
60 Meter Hurdles9.21York OpenFeb 2nd
Shot Put10.79mYork OpenFeb 2nd
High Jump1.80mYork OpenFeb 2nd
60 Meter Hurdles9.07Silverston InvitationalFeb 16th
Long Jump5.73mSilverston InvitationalFeb 16th
Pole Vault3.81mOUA ChampionshipsFeb 23rd
1000 Meter2:47.71OUA ChampionshipsFeb 23rd
Long Jump6.07mOUA ChampionshipsFeb 23rd
60 Meter Hurdles9.00OUA ChampionshipsFeb 23rd
Shot Put11.07mOUA ChampionshipsFeb 23rd
High Jump1.76mOUA ChampionshipsFeb 23rd
Heptathlon4552ptsOUA ChampionshipsFeb 23rd
60 Meter7.52OUA ChampionshipsFeb 23rd
High Jump1.80mUSport ChampionshipsMar 8th
Heptathlon4519ptsUSport ChampionshipsMar 8th
60 Meter7.54USport ChampionshipsMar 8th
Pole Vault4.10mUSport ChampionshipsMar 8th
1000 Meter2:47.64USport ChampionshipsMar 8th
Long Jump5.80mUSport ChampionshipsMar 8th
60 Meter Hurdles9.07USport ChampionshipsMar 8th
Shot Put10.36mUSport ChampionshipsMar 8th

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