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Name Simon Beaulieu
Position Athlete
Birthdate 1994
Year of Study 0
Eligibility 5

Performances (2021/22)

No results found for this athlete.

Performances (2018/19)

Shot Put15.49mInvitation Rouge et OrDec 8
Weight Throw15.77mInvitation Rouge et OrDec 8
Weight Throw15.68mCrepuscule Rouge et OrDec 21
Shot Put15.60mMcGill Team ChallengeJan 25
Weight Throw15.46mMcGill Team ChallengeJan 25
Shot Put16.09mRSEQ Championnat provincialFeb 22
Weight Throw16.34mRSEQ Championnat provincialFeb 22
Shot Put16.41mUSPORT ChampionshipsMar 7
Weight Throw16.52mUSPORT ChampionshipsMar 7

Performances (2017/18)

Shot Put14.76mMartlet ClassicDec 2
Weight Throw14.82mMartlet ClassicDec 2
Shot Put15.17mRouge et Or invitationJan 13
Shot Put15.43mMcGill Team ChallengeJan 26
Weight Throw15.03mMcGill Team ChallengeJan 26
Shot Put14.80mRencontre Ouvert Redmen ClassicFeb 18
Weight Throw15.58mRencontre Ouvert Redmen ClassicFeb 18
Shot Put15.67mRSEQ Track & Field ChampsFeb 23
Weight Throw15.74mRSEQ Track & Field ChampsFeb 23
Shot Put16.42mUSport ChampionshipsMar 8
Weight Throw16.48mUSport ChampionshipsMar 8

Performances (2016/17)

Weight Throw16.66mRouge et Or InvitationDec 3
Shot Put14.50mRouge et Or InvitationDec 3
Shot Put14.58mVert et Or InvitationJan 14
Weight Throw14.99mVert et Or InvitationJan 14
Weight Throw16.47mMcGill Team ChallengeJan 27
Shot Put15.43mMcGill Team ChallengeJan 27
Weight Throw15.05mValentine InvitationalFeb 10
Shot Put15.02mValentine InvitationalFeb 10
Weight Throw16.36mRESQ ChampionshipFeb 24
Shot Put16.09mRESQ ChampionshipFeb 24
Shot Put15.96mUSport ChampionshipsMar 9
Weight Throw16.55mUSport ChampionshipsMar 9

Performances (2015/16)

Weight Throw16.07mCrepuscule hivernal Rouge et OrDec 18
Weight Throw15.59mRouge et Or InvitationJan 9
Shot Put15.98mRouge et Or InvitationJan 9
Shot Put16.09mVert et Or InvitationJan 16
Weight Throw15.67mVert et Or InvitationJan 16
Shot Put16.37mMcGill Team ChallengeJan 29
Weight Throw16.28mMcGill Team ChallengeJan 29
Shot Put15.63mRedmen ClassicFeb 13
Weight Throw15.83mRedmen ClassicFeb 13
Shot Put15.98mRSEQ Quebec University ChampionshipsFeb 26
Weight Throw17.06mRSEQ Quebec University ChampionshipsFeb 26
Weight Throw17.23mCIS ChampionshipsMar 10
Shot Put15.76mCIS ChampionshipsMar 10

Performances (2014/15)

Weight Throw15.32mCrepuscule Hivernal Rouge et OrDec 19
Weight Throw13.81mVert et Or InvitationJan 16
Shot Put14.98mVert et Or InvitationJan 16
Shot Put15.83mRouge et OrJan 17
Weight Throw15.22mRouge et OrJan 17
Shot Put16.02mMcGill Team ChallengeJan 23
Weight Throw14.63mMcGill Team ChallengeJan 23
Shot Put16.01mChampionnts provincial UniversitairesFeb 28
Weight Throw14.89mChampionnts provincial UniversitairesFeb 28
Shot Put16.40mCIS ChampionshipsMar 12
Weight Throw15.17mCIS ChampionshipsMar 12