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NCCP Course - Foundations of Coach (Theory Modules of Sport and Club Coach)

Online, Colombie-Britannique
10-17 mai 2021
Date limite : 8 mai à 22:00 (Pacific Time)
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NCCP Number: Because this is an NCCP course, all participants require an NCCP # - look up or register for one free at www.thelocker.coach.ca/. for more information on Coach Membership

BCA COACH members will receive a discount on BC Athletics Courses.

  1. Non a Members: Would you like to become a BCA coach member for $65.00+GST and receive a discount on this course plus other benefits throughout the year? You can register with your course registration
    1. This also requires a Criminal Record Check within one month of the course. If you do not have one, you can indicate the date you start the process below
    2. More information on a BCA Coach membership can be found here
  2. BCA Member but not a COACH member: Contact sam.collier@bcathletics.org to upgrade your membership.
    1. Note, you will not pay more than your highest membership. If your current membership is less than $65.00, you will pay the difference, if it is more than $65.00 it will not cost you anything. or more information. Click here for prices.

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