2023 Royal City Track & Field Club

New Westminster, British Columbia
Membership Year: 2023
Age Category Annual Membership Fee
(Including BCA Fee)
BCA Fee *
<--- Included
Track Rascals (Tues) ** FULL** $120.00 $15.00
Track Rascals (Thurs) $120.00 $15.00
JD U10 (Age 9) $350.00 $60.00
JD U12 (Age 10-11) $350.00 $60.00
JD U14 (Age 12-13 ) $350.00 $60.00
U16 (Age 14) $400.00 $70.00
U16 (Age 15) $400.00 $73.50
U18 (Age 16-17) $450.00 $94.50
U20 (Age 18-19) $450.00 $94.50
Senior (Age 20+) $450.00 $94.50
Post-Sec Jr (Age 18-19) $329.00 $73.50
Post-Sec Sr (Age 20-22) $329.00 $73.50
Masters (35+) $300.00 $63.00
Cross-Country Only (TBA) - -

* BCA Fee is the BC Athletics Fee and is included the Annual Membership Fee.

Note that membership fees are non-refundable once paid.

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Volunteer Commitment

RCT&F is a volunteer driven organization and your assistance is essential to provide a quality program for our members. Track Rascal parents are expected to help out at all practices due to the age of the children. Parents of older kids will also be expected to periodically assist at outdoor practices. Please indicate other areas that you are most interested in helping out (you may check as many as you wish), and indicate any special skills you can bring to the position. All member families must provide volunteer assistance during the year.

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