We believe in keeping things simple - especially when it comes to pricing.

That's why we don't charge any setup or monthly fees for using our system. The only fee you'll encounter is a small processing fee, which is applied only when payments are processed online. If you do decide to use our online payment processing service, each registrant will be charged a processing fee, in addition to your registration costs (you have the option to absorb this fee).

Our processing fee is 4.9% plus $0.50 per entry*. This fee is composed of both credit card processing costs (~3%) and a Trackie service fee (~1.9% + $0.50 per entry).

If you're planning a larger event or expect higher registration costs, you may qualify for reduced rates. While our fees are typically lower than those of other companies offering similar services, we're also happy to price match in most cases. Feel free to reach out to us for more information.

* Processing fees are subject to additional sales tax and are non-refundable.