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2019 Elementary Super Meet

Athletics Canada announces NACAC Senior Championships Team

Posted 3 years ago

Athletics Canada announced today the team that will compete at the second North American, Central American and Caribbean (NACAC) Senior Championships August 7 to 9 in San Jose, Costa Rica.

The inaugural NACAC Senior Championships were hosted in 2007 in San Salvador, El Salvador.


Name, event, hometown, coach, club

Kelsie Ahbe, Pole Vault, Toronto, ON, Tim Mack, Unattached

Fawn Dorr, 400mH, Marten River, ON, Anthony McCleary, Unattached

Tameran Defreitas, 200m, Barrie, ON, Cliff Defreitas, South Simcoe Dufferin TFC

Rachel Francois, 800m, St. Albert, AB, Brent Fougner, University of Victoria

Christie Moerman (Gordon), 100mH, Edmonton, AB, Nick Sotffberg, Legacy Athletics

Noelle Montcalm, 400mH, Windsor, ON, Don Garrod, University of Windsor

Micha Powell, 400m, Montreal, QC, Bob Westman, Toronto Track Club

Nicole Setterington, 100mH, London, ON, Brandon Hon, Unattached

Lauren Stuart, Hammer throw, Smithers, BC, Anatoliy Bondarchuk, Kamloops Track and Field Club

Jellisa Westney, 200m, Cambridge, ON, Januzs Tomko, Supreme Athletics


Name, event, hometown, coach, club

Corey Bellemore, 800m, Tecumseh, ON, Dennis Fairall, University of Windsor

Christopher Dulhanty, 3000m Steeple, Mississauga, ON, Dave Scott-Thomas, Speed River TFC

Andre Ford-Azonwanna, 100m, Toronto, ON, Anthony McLeary/Desai Williams/Charles Allen, G-Force

Daniel Gorman, 1500m, Halifax, NS, Heather Hennigar, Halifast Athletics

Oluwasegun Makinde, 200m, Ottawa, ON, Glenroy Gilbert, Ottawa Lions

Ingvar Moseley, 110mH, Pickering, ON, John McNichols, Speed Academy

Philip Osei, 400m, Toronto, ON, Anthony McCleary, Project Athletics

Charles Philibert-Thiboutot, 1500m, Québec, QC, Félix-Antoine Lapointe, Université Laval

Dontae Richards-Kwok, 200m, Mississauga, ON, Desai Williams, Unattached

Benjamin Williams, 100m, Edmonton, AB, Dwight Francis, Voleo Athletics

Staff List 

Robert Westman, Head Coach, Toronto, ON

Milt Ottey, Team Coach, Toronto, ON

James Holder, Team Coach, Ottawa, ON

Brit Townsend, Team Coach, Vancouver, BC

Corey Dempsey, Team Manager, Niagara Falls, ON

Paula Burchat, Integrated Support Team, Ottawa, ON

Emanuel Cheng, Integrated Support Team, Toronto, ON

Carolyn Daubeny, Integrated Support Team, Bend, OR

- See more at: http://athletics.ca/athletics-canada-announces-nacac-senior-championships-team/#sthash.vw7Ug14K.dpuf

User Comments

  • anonymous Anonymous
    Posts: 50168
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    Anonymous said 3 years ago

    2 field events?? Really

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  • new-post-last-visitquicksilver User since:
    Mar 1st, 2003
    Posts: 3391
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    quicksilver said 3 years ago

    Quoting: Anonymous
    "2 field events?? Really"

    Yes - really.

    They took the top 10 men and women based on IAAF points who declared and who are not going to worlds.

    Our field event depth is somewhat non-linear. Our top people are world class (Christabel Nettey, Derek Drouin, etc) and are going to worlds, and then there's a bit of a drop-off so they don't quite match up on points with sprints where we have a lot of sub world class depth.

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