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Millrose Games Live Results / Stream

Posted 1 year ago



  • Men's Mile Corey Bellemore
  • Men's Mile Charles Philibert-Thiboutot
  • Men's 60m Hurdles Brian Richard
  • Women's 3000m Kate Van Buskirk
  • Men's 3000m Justyn Knight
  • Women's 300m Sage Watson
  • Women's Mile Nicole Sifuentes
  • Women's Mile Gabriela Stafford


Saturday, February 3, 2018  
Time Category Event
11:30am Women Distance Medley Relay
11:45am Men Distance Medley Relay
12:00pm Women USATF Championship 1-mile Race Walk
12:00pm Junior Girls John Catsimatidis Pole Vault
12:10pm Masters Men 60+/Women 4x400m
12:17pm Masters Men 40+ 50+/Women 4x400m
12:24pm Women 4x200m
12:28pm Men 4x200m
12:32pm High School Boys High School Boys Invitational 4x800m
12:42pm High School Girls Suburban 4x400m
12:48pm High School Boys Suburban 4x400m
12:54pm Youth Girls 400m
12:58pm Youth Boys 400m
1:02pm Junior Girls Junior Girls 55 dash
1:07pm Junior Boys Junior Boys 55 dash
1:12pm High School Girls CHSAA Sprint Medley Relay
1:18pm Men USATF Championship 1-mile Race Walk
1:28pm High School Girls Private Schools 4x400m
1:34pm High School Boys Private Schools 4x400m
1:40pm High School Girls PSAL 4x200 Girls
1:45pm High School Boys PSAL 4x200 Boys
1:50pm High School Girls New Balance Invitational Girls 4x800m
2:01pm High School Boys CHSAA 4x200m
2:06pm High School Girls Long Island 4x400m
2:12pm High School Boys Long Island 4x400m
2:21pm Youth Boys Rising New York Road Runners 800m
2:26pm Youth Girls NYRR 4x200m
2:30pm Youth Boys NYRR 4x200m
2:35pm High School Girls PSAL 4x400m
2:41pm High School Boys PSAL 4x400m
2:47pm Men Invitational Mile
2:54pm Junior Boys New Balance Invitational Mile Junior Boys
3:01pm Youth Girls NYRR Fastest Kid in the World
3:06pm Youth Boys NYRR Fastest Kid in the World
3:11pm High School Boys CHSAA 4x800m
3:22pm College Women Metropolitan Relays 4x400m
3:30pm High School Girls High School Girls Invitational 4x200m
3:45pm   Opening Ceremony
3:58pm Women John Catsimatidis Pole Vault
4:02pm Women Howard Schmertz 60 Meter Hurdles
4:08pm Men Fred Schmertz 60 Meter Hurdles
4:13pm Youth Girls Rising New York Road Runners 800m
4:19pm Women 60 Meter Dash
4:24pm Men Joe Yancey 60 Meter Dash
4:28pm Women Invitational 3000m
4:40pm Women John Thomas High Jump
4:41pm Men Mel Sheppard Invitational 800m
4:46pm College Men Metropolitan Relays 4x400m
4:52pm Men Dr Sander Invitational 3000m
5:03pm Women Invitational 300m
5:08pm Junior Girls New Balance Invitational Mile Junior Girls
5:16pm Men NYAC Invitational 400m
5:21pm High School Boys High School Boys Invitational 4x200m
5:25pm   National Anthem
5:27pm Women NYRR Wanamaker Mile
5:35pm Women Jack and Lewis Rudin 4x800m Relay
5:50pm Men NYRR Wanamaker Mile

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