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Elementary School XC Super Meet
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Anonymous said 11 months ago

2018 ofsaa XC Favorite?

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  • anonymous Anonymous
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    Anonymous999 said 4 days ago

    Quoting: NC Blogger
    "There should be in my opinion, but the rules are pretty clear,, but for someone of his calibre, I'm sure the school coach will make it happen.

    When Yves Sikubwabo arrived at Glebe in 2009, he started at school three days before our Conference Championships and only 9 school days before our NCSSAA Championships. In our association, the 16 practices are required before the NC Meet (the Meet itself can be the 16th).

    One of our Senior Boys, who quickly became one of Yves' friends, made sure we got the practices in. We went three a day on some days with, a shake out run, stretch or strength before school, a lunch time meeting where we discussed training and got to know each other better and then an after school run. We also ran practices on the Saturday mornings, so we actually had six days / week to get them in.

    This case was extreme due to the time constraints, but if we could do it in 9 days, I'm sure Burke and Ormond, with some simple planning and communication with their coach in the first week of September, could make sure they did enough to be eligible."

    Those kids know what is at stake. They are not stupid. They will have made sure they met the required practices and/or races before leaving to BA. Why are so many people haters on this forum? Shouldn't we be giving all these kids high fives and pats on the back for everything they have done instead of trashing them or putting up roadblocks to their advancements?

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  • new-post-last-visitanonymous Anonymous
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    Anonymous said 3 days ago

    they just represented their so what is at stake here?
    a silly school race? LOL

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