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2019 London Distance Series Meets
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Jan 16th, 2011
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mikevan said 1 week ago

Canadian Junior Record

Congratulations to Brogan MacDougall and Coach Steve Boyd on a new Canadian Junior 3000m record 9:08.25 tonight. Brogan crushed the record of 9:12.84 set by Brenda Shackleton in 1985. Brenda set her record when she came 2nd in the Canada Summer Games at the age of 18. As Brenda's coach (along with Ron Bowker) at the time, we have often speculated on when her 35 year-old record would be broken. I know that Brenda would also pass on her congratulations on this spectacular performance.

Event 113 Women Open 3000 Meter Run Open
Canadian: * 8:32.17 1994-09-23 Angela Chalmers
Ontario: R 8:44.02 2013-07-26 Sheila Reid (89)
RCLDS: ! 9:23.62 2010-06-02 Nicole Bush, Michigan State
Name Year Team Seed Finals Points
Section 1
1 Julie-Anne Staehli 93 Physi-Kult Kings 9:07.79 9:03.85!
2 Brogan MacDougall 00 Physi-Kult Kings 9:13.00 9:08.25!

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  • anonymous Anonymous
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    Anonymous said 1 week ago

    There were 3 women under 9:10! London Distance Series hosts another kick ass meet. Thanks to Steve Weiler and crew for the amazing work they do each year!

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  • oldster User since:
    Sep 25th, 2013
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    Oldster said 1 week ago

    Thanks, Mike. It was an outstanding record-- hence the longevity, and through an era when the 3000m was the main JNR women's championship track distance. And Brogan owes a ton to her club mate, J-A Staehli, who became her de facto rabbit, going the whole way in front of her (trying hard to break 9:00 with no pacing beyond 800m). You don't get this very often, at any level!

    And, in breaking news, sister Branna ran an outstanding 10,000m at FISU today, taking the lead at 800 to go and almost hanging on for a medal (4th), despite coming in seeded 12th. Young Laura Dickinson was also very impressive, running near the front all the way, and holding on for 5th. We're seeing the future of Canadian women's long distance running starting to come into focus!

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  • new-post-last-visitoldster User since:
    Sep 25th, 2013
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    Oldster said 1 week ago

    P.S. Big thanks to Steve W for making these opportunities available. We literally don't know what we would do without them, long midnight drives home notwithstanding.

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