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Elementary School XC Super Meet
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Mar 28th, 2017
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Athletics Illustrated said 11 months ago

Race footage, women's U Sport XC Champs

My apologies. Not a good race video. Really just some random footage in order, had to borrow shots from others and totally missed the finish, so borrowed a shot of Gollish....the men's will be better......but anyway, you get the idea....http://athleticsillustrated.com/video/race-footage-2017-u-sport-cross-country-championships/

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  • master2b User since:
    Jun 9th, 2011
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    Master2B said 11 months ago

    This is pretty good footage. It clearly shows Sasha did not sit on Branna and Claire most of the way as suggested by another poster. It looks like the lead changed a few times with Sasha running beside the co-leader. The time-splits also show that Sasha was always one-step out of the front or in the front after 2km.

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  • anonymous Anonymous
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    Anonymous said 11 months ago

    Yeah and SG won. Great if you can run a race and win this way. The others have to do their best to pull away and in this particular race they couldn't. It's not cycling where there are peloton "rules" and breakaway "rules".

    LOL. "it clearly shows........" Yes she followed the lead runners and then pulled away to win. Perfect race execution. See Farah or back in the day Yifter's moves. SG isn't racing with a new tactic. The sport's greats have raced this way and it takes a lot of confidence and self-awareness to pull off this racing style. Good for SG.

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  • new-post-last-visitanonymous Anonymous
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    Anonymous said 11 months ago

    Sorry. I re-read your post and realized we are of the same opinion. SG won a good race.
    All the best.

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