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Neufth said 7 months ago

Runners of the Nish

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  • oldster User since:
    Sep 25th, 2013
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    Oldster said 7 months ago

    Quoting: Linscott
    "Now that would be a bestselling drama."

    Dude, you'd be in it!

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  • anonymous Anonymous
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    Congrats from BC said 2 months ago

    Wanted to bring this thread back as I just finished a book. Sure, I’m a 47-year-old geezer and nobody may care about what I have to say, but wow, this book did it for me. A great story with fantastic character development, loved it. Great work

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  • anonymous Anonymous
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    Andrew Jones said 2 months ago


    A good story, and what I took from the book was a confirmation that XC teams, for best results, really need to work together over the long-term (see season). That includes good communication (e.g., being open to the coach about how they are feeling physically and mentally) and not dwelling too much on the internal pecking order at any given time.

    This, I find, is a common problem in XC. The best teams, as Alex implies, are those that see themselves as a whole, and not a collection of runners with too much in the way of intrasquad designs. A tough thing for a coach to manage, I think, as younger runners will be younger runners, and gauging one's self relative to teammates is really inherent at this age. The coach must find a way to channel that competitive nature constructively, and not let this dynamic be a destructive element.

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  • dr-billy-wayne-jr User since:
    Oct 17th, 2018
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    Dr. Billy Wayne Jr. said 2 months ago

    Now even though my preferred sources of entertainment are Info Wars and watching re-runs of American Sniper, I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the exploits of these Loyalists living just east of Maine. In this age with all the fake news propagated by the liberal media, it was genuinely heart-warming to read a down to earth narrative about scrappy youngsters who probably just couldn't make their school's football team who found an alternative activity they could find happiness and competition in.

    My favourite part of this book is that Hilary Clinton wasn't even mentioned once! The only thing I was disappointed in is that they didn't actually run across the country, which I was quite looking forward to. Additionally, if somebody could explain what this fartlek business that the boys engage in is, that would be much appreciated. It sounds like a some sort of depraved Northern European Communist Fetish, and as a red-blooded straight apple-pie eating God-loving American, I can't abide by that sort of debased behaviour in the literature I read.

    Also, I just want to point out to my detractors in the liberal media who accuse me of being close-minded, that this here is a foreign piece of culture and I couldn't even pronounce the place this book was set in, hows that for being internationally educated!

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  • new-post-last-visitanonymous Anonymous
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    Annon said 2 months ago

    Alex spoke at the Toronto West Athletics year end banquet tonight. Fantastic message from a very articulate and interesting young guy. Thanks for inspiring others to embrace their rookie moments.

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