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March 13 - Tip by Blaise Dubois
Tip by: Blaise Dubois

Running shoes - It is highly recommended to gradually change your running shoes when they become an exacerbation factor of a biomechanical vice (deformation or wear of the sole). Transferring from an old to a new shoe must be done progressively. First of all, one should walk with his new shoes in the house for two days to break them in. Then, should integrate them slowly (two small trainings the first week, three trainings the second week, four trainings the third week, etc).

Blaise Dubois

Blaise Dubois
Sport Physiotherapy
Québec City, Québec

The Running Clinic

Blaise Dubois has become an international leader in preventing running injuries. He also acts as a consultant for the Canadian national track and field team, with which he has already participated in many international events.

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    Anonymous said 4 years ago

    Disagree. I run in Saucony and am able to take them from the box to the road for a long run without any issues. Most shoes today are ready to go right away. They all have soft uppers that fits to your foot almost right away.

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