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August 17 - Tip by Justyn Warner
Tip by: Justyn Warner

You can't be a fan and an athlete.

Justyn Warner

Justyn Warner
National Team Member
Markham, Ontario


Justyn is a Canadian track athlete specializing in the 100 metres. He is the current Canadian Junior record holder and has a personal best time of 10.08. He has been on many National teams including the 2012 Olympics.

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User Comments

  • anonymous Anonymous
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    Really? said 8 years ago

    Worst tip ever!

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  • User since:
    Mar 8th, 2014
    Posts: 46
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    ?????? said 8 years ago

    not necessarily. maybe a little more could have been said.

    you cant be a fan boy and a good coach. if you look at an athlete as perfect/unequaled/unbeatable you'll never see their weaknesses or how to help that athlete become better
    of course you can be a fan/support an athlete. thats obvious

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  • anonymous Anonymous
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    Anon. said 4 years ago

    This makes perfect sense to me. If you are a "fan", and too preoccupied following other athletes on social media or constantly refreshing live results to see how they performed, you lose time that you could have used to make yourself better. I believe all Justyn is trying to say is you have to focus on yourself more than on others to have success.

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  • nc-blogger User since:
    Sep 12th, 2014
    Posts: 847
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    NC Blogger said 4 years ago

    When my wife and I were racing in University, I once blew a warm up because I was watching her race. Coach had a little chat with me after the race....I sort of get it...

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  • new-post-last-visitanonymous Anonymous
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    Anonymous said 4 years ago


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