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June 8 - Tip by Karen Gilbert Tyssen
Tip by: Karen Gilbert Tyssen

Ice baths are an effective way to reduce inflammation and improve recovery post workout but should be avoided during the pre season as they have been found to reduce the benefits of training.

Karen Gilbert Tyssen

Karen Gilbert Tyssen
Registered Physiotherapist
London, Ontario


Karen Gilbert Tyssen is a Registered Physiotherapist who completed her Honours Kinesiology degree in 2005 at Western University, going on to complete her Masters of Physiotherapy from Western University in 2007.

Since graduating Karen has obtained advanced training in Orthopedics, Manual therapy, Acupuncture, Selective Functional Movement Assessment, Running Specific Injuries and Gait Assessment, and Neurological rehab including Bobath training.

Karen has been a distance runner since the age of 12, competing at the high school and club level, and is a Western University Cross Country and Track and Field Alumni. Karen has treated runners of all levels including those competing at the National and International level, including treating the Western Cross Country team and members of local track and distance clubs. Karen has a special passion for treating runners and continues to pursue advanced training to help them recover from injury and make a healthy and speedy return to the sport they love.

Karen works at Body Mechanics Physiotherapy in London and is available for appointment at

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User Comments

  • anonymous Anonymous
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    anon said 8 years ago

    source for avoiding pre season?

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  • anonymous Anonymous
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    Anonymous said 8 years ago

    I remember reading about that in something Trent Stellingwerff wrote or maybe posted about a couple years ago. I want to say it was a paper he wrote, but can't be sure that's correct.

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  • anonymous Anonymous
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    Anonymous said 7 years ago

    because of blood vessel constriction in a effort to preserve body heat you have a decrease in blood perfusion to the area(decreasing delivery of nutrients and removal of metabolic byproduct) this will in turn decrease the muscular adaptation you receive from training

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  • new-post-last-visitanonymous Anonymous
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    Anonymous said 6 years ago

    A Hutch's piece from last year....http://www.runnersworld.com/sweat-science/the-ice-bath-debate
    Interestingly might be beneficial in endurance exercise but not for certain.

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