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2019 Elementary Super Meet

*BONUS*Epi. 96-Previewing The Terminal Mile Cup With Nick Falk And Corey Bellemore

This is coming at you at an unusual time because on Monday, August 6th we're running the inaugural Terminal Mile Cup in Hamilton, Ontario on the grounds of Mcmaster University as part of the Harbour Track Twilight. We're taking the podcast to the track, in a winner takes all Distance Medley Relay race. We've got some cool trophies, New Balance Canada is playing a big part, offering prizing for the first open male and open female teams in the "New Balance Canada Open Challenge"...all in all we're hoping for good times, fast races, and a tradition we can bring forward, and call our own. On this episode we'll chat with two of our fastest runners signed up, Corey Bellemore and Nick Falk. Corey has had a huge year, going oh so close to going sub 3:40 in the 1,500, toeing the line in a diamond league race, medalling on the national level, and his training partner, Nick, a miler who has had a ton of success in cross country, including repping Canada on occasion in that event, that's coming up in a second. Before we start, big thanks to Harbour Track, Trackie and New Balance Canada for their support of this event, and of course, big thanks to all of you for making this possible.
Posted 9 months ago by Trackie | Source: Trackie Radio

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