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Epi. 104-Chasing Actualization With Matt Hughes And Lyndsay Tessier

Sometimes the time just gets away from you...you'll see a performance that moves and inspires you, but due to scheduling and yada, yada, next thing you know it's months later. Well, here we are in November, and I'm incredibly pleased to talk with two amazing athletes who lit it up this year, and definitely left a mark on this sport. On this week's show, we chat with Matt Hughes, theOlympian, Bowerman Bro, two time NCAA champion and Canadian steeplechase record holder had a stand out year that saw him come within a second of his own record, and a thriller at the commonwealth games, we discuss living in the great white north, lowering some PBs, and the timing of cross country trials, but first, Lyndsay Tessier, not only the Canadian Master's record holder in the marathon, but also the second fastest time by a Canadian this year, and one of the fastest of all time!
Posted 5 months ago by Trackie | Source: Trackie Radio

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  • oldster User since:
    Sep 25th, 2013
    Posts: 2397
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    Oldster said 5 months ago

    Great edition, Michael-- two completely different yet equally compelling guests. No fronting or cliches here, just straight shooting.

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  • new-post-last-visitmichaelrochus User since:
    Nov 26th, 2014
    Posts: 206
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    MichaelRochus said 5 months ago

    Quoting: Oldster
    "Great edition, Michael-- two completely different yet equally compelling guests. No fronting or cliches here, just straight shooting."

    Thanks Oldster! While I agree that they're different from each other mostly, I can't help but notice that there are some big similarities too. I'm not sure I've talked to 2 athletes who are so intrinsically motivated...I'm a big fan of both of them and this one was a lot of fun.

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