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2020 U Sports Champs

Epi. 132-Hey! Don't Miss The Inferno! ft. Genevieve Lalonde

"Experience track and field like never before," is what the Speed River Inferno posters say, and in my opinion, that's true. The annual meet is a rarity these days, a club putting together a top level meet, bringing in high performance athletes, national record holders and Olympians from across this country and around the world, with a variety of events spanning from the 100, to the 1,500 with Pole Vault and high jump thrown in for good measure. A meet like this is not something you will see without either a) being there, or b) travelling a great distance, so that is why I am asking you, a track and field fan to join them at Alumni Stadium, friday June 7th at 7pm to fill the stands and watch some high level competition...but I've also brought backup for this task as well, Genevieve Lalonde joins me in a second to explain why Alumni Stadium is the place to be, and if you're not going to listen to the national steeplechase record holder, Olympian and Cross Country National Champion, then who will you listen to?

LIVE STREAM: https://www.athleticscanada.tv/gprofile.php?mgroup_id=47401&mgroup_event_id=6381&year=2019&do=videos&video_id=276381

LIVE RESULTS: http://www.windsortiming.com/LiveResults/2019/Inferno/
Posted 11 months ago by Trackie | Source: Trackie Radio

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