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Episode 108-The Mud, The Track And The Waffles With Charlotte Prouse And Evan Esselink

December, traditionally, has been a bit of a down time for sports. With cross country all wrapped up, and the best of the indoor season starting in January, it's the perfect time to take stock of the past year. On this week's show we're joined by 2 people who can look back with pride when reflecting on the past season and past year, Evan Esselink, the Canadian XC bronze medalist talks about moving across the country to join the B.C Endurance Project, and shares some serious goals, but first, Charlotte Prouse, the steepler from London, Ontario took 9th at NCAA Cross and recently came within a second of the Canadian indoor 5,000m record...the secret to fast times may be in the waffles...stick around to see what we're talking about.
Posted 4 months ago by Trackie | Source: Trackie Radio

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    golobos said 4 months ago

    what a huge turn around from 2016-2017 for her, big congrats to her... looking forward to seeing what she can continue to do on the track and for the sport off the track

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