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Episode 110-Running Back Through 2018

2018 has been a bit of a banner year for us around here at the Terminal Mile. If you'll indulge us for a second, this year saw us grow our audience by nearly 10,000 listens over the space of the year, I was there and got to participate in 3 national championships, we launched the Terminal Mile Cup, a distance medley relay event that saw some good friends of the show race for some trophies, we put our Something In The Water series, a look at the Speed River and University of Guelph teams, to air via the very exciting Citius Mag, and we celebrated episode 100. All this while covering the here and now of Canadian distance running, Cam Levins with the Canadian marathon record, Rachel Cliff with the half marathon record and an incredible debut in Berlin, Matt Hughes really returning to form in the Steeplechase, and countless other incredible accomplishments.
So, here we are, at the end of 2018, wondering where we can go from here...as you've probably noticed, the frequency of the podcast has gone up...as for other changes, they're likely to be coming in the following weeks as well...right now though, let's look at this week's episode: this week we're taking a look back at the year that was with a little bit of help from our friends. Adam Stacey, founder of trackie.ca, Alex Cyr, author of Runner's of The Nish, Jeff Costen, you know him as our in house run pundit and a national marathon championship bronze medalist and we'll even here from Steve Boyd as they recount their favorite interviews from the year, which we will play parts of for you.
Posted 2 months ago by Trackie | Source: Trackie Radio

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