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Episode 5: A Long Run With Shoayb Bascal - Part 1: "I got this."

"Vikes on the Mic" is the show where we chat with current and former members of the University of Victoria Vikes XC and track team. Three current Vikes distance runners, Chet Georzen, Josh Kozelj, and Matt Noseworthy, are stoked to be your hosts. In the next trio of episodes, we follow the epic journey of former Vike, Shoayb Bascal.

Shoayb was an Economics major and distance specialist who thrived on the cross-country and road racing scene as a Vike. In addition to PBs of 14:30 over 5k and 30:36 at 10k, he contributed a critical 11th place finish to help the Vikes men secure the 2015 CIS national cross-country team championship. Beyond running, he is the ultimate people person, a talented storyteller, and a fearless adventurer.

In this three-part series, he takes us back to Ohio, where he got his first tastes of failure and success as a high school and college runner (Part 1), then to Victoria, where he joined the Vikes on quests for doughnuts and cross-country gold in 2015(Part 2). The saga concludes with his senior year as a Vike and his post-graduate life, including Olympic dreams and plantar fasciitis nightmares (Part 3). We hope you enjoy Shoayb's captivating personality and storytelling as much as we did!

Music: Between the Mayo and the Mustard - Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 License)
Posted 6 months ago by Trackie | Source: Vikes on the Mic

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