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Myles Misener Daley - Canadian U18 400m Record Holder

Full story on Canadian Running: https://runningmagazine.ca/video-myles-misener-daley-is-leading-the-next-generation-of-canadian-sprinters/
Posted 2 weeks ago by Trackie | Source: Canadian Running Magazine

User Comments

  • sub49 User since:
    Apr 3rd, 2016
    Posts: 91
    thumbs_up 12
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    sub49 said 2 weeks ago

    He seems like a fantastic young man!

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  • anonymous Anonymous
    Posts: 45476
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    Anonymous said 2 weeks ago

    Great interview. Kid seems down to earth

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  • anonymous Anonymous
    Posts: 45476
    thumbs_up 8
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    Anonymous said 2 weeks ago

    This young man makes you feel proud to be involved in the sport! My grade 9 daughter competed on the same day that Miles ran the 45.99. We were leaving the track and found ourselves beside Miles and his excited and kind family. My daughter nervously congratulated him on his accomplishments and he was very open to conversation. He quickly asked her what events she had competed in, how she had done and congratulated her. He was incredibly genuine and the brief but real interaction was the highlight of her OFSSA experience. He is a sponsors dream and is deserving of great success in the future based on his character not just his physical attributes. Proud to have made his acquaintance!

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  • anonymous Anonymous
    Posts: 45476
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    Homer said 2 weeks ago

    I believe in the young man, especially when you have lots of coaches crying foul about kids doing well. Myles @ 2020 Tokyo

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  • new-post-last-visitlobster User since:
    Mar 17th, 2014
    Posts: 1079
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    Lobster said 2 weeks ago

    Stewart-Banes and Misenar-Daley have been the highlights of this track season. There have been others: the new Canadian 800m men’s national record, the new woman’s national shot putt record, the junior woman’s hammer record ( and world junior champ ), our commonwealth games team overall ( in our off season ), both our steeplechasers, male and female, Aaron Brown, our heptathletes and decathletes, one male, and one female longjumpers, one male, and one female pole vaulters, two male 5,000m runners, and that about covers it.
    We are going to get creamed at NACAC, and the bigger meet coming up.
    Let’s just call it a rebuilding year.

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