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The Terminal Mile-Ep. 21-Taking Care Of (World Championship) Business + Lewis Kent

I'm not a businessman,
I'm a business, man.

Jay Z on his legendary "Diamonds From Sierra Leone" guest verse, obviously talking about himself, but also very applicable to the running world. Often times, track athletes have a very specific skill set that allows them to perform on a level rarely reached by mankind, and those skill sets can earn them, and others a living. But, at the same time, they aren't quite as well equipped in the departments of negotiating appearance money, making sure they have their correct visas in time, so on etc. That's why there's people like Kris Mychasiw, a managing partner in Sprint Management, a company that looks after the likes of Chris Winters, Taylor Milne and C-P-T just to name a few. He'll shed some light on the off track situations surrounding the upcoming World Championships in Beijing, including, the men's 1500m, Nick Symmonds and more... You definitely don't want to miss that. Also, World Record Beer Miler, Lewis Kent joins us later in the show ahead of his big race at the beer mile world classic.
Posted 2 years ago by Trackie | Source: Trackie Radio

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