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#1: What is Trackie.me?

Trackie.me is an easy to use online tool for teams, athletes, meet managers, officials, volunteers and track & field junkies. It allows teams to easily manage, maintain and communicate with their members. Athletes can start their own training log, write their own blog, keep track of their performances and much more! Meet mangers can manage and set up online registration for their events. It's also a great resource for officials, volunteers and any track & field junkies.

#2: How much does it cost to use Trackie.me?

Trackie.me is free to use if you simply want to keep track of your members. If, however, you wish to collect payments (such as registration fees etc.) from your members a small transaction fee is applied to each registration. If you have any questions about our transaction fees, please contact us and we'll be happy to provide you with more information.

#3: Who currently uses Trackie.me?

Trackie.me is the official database for Athletics Canada. All branches and clubs within Athletics Canada use Trackie.me to manage, maintain and communicate with their members. Our online meet registration service currently known as TrackieReg is primarily used for track & field, x-country and road running events across Canada, and is the official online registration system for all major Canadian National track & field and x-country championships.

#4: Is my data safe?

Trackie.me backs up all data on a daily basis so if for any reason you lose or accidentally delete data from your profile, in most cases we will be able to retrieve it for you. Trackie.me encrypts all user passwords and this encryption cannot be reversed. If a user forgets their password, they will have to go through our reset password feature. We strongly recommend you use a strong password containing both upper & lowercase letters, numbers and special characters, such as hyphens & underscores. For all credit card transactions, we use a secure SSL connection to make sure all data that is processed from Trackie to our payment gateway is passed safely and securely. We do not store any credit card information in our database.

#5: What is the difference between Trackie.ca, Trackie.me, TrackieReg and Trackie.org?

Trackie Group Inc. is the parent company jointly made up of Trackie.ca, Trackie.me, TrackieReg and Trackie.org. Trackie.ca is a news outlet and discussion forum for Canadian track & field, x-country and road racing. Trackie.me is used for membership management and communication, and is a place for athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers and track & field junkies to start a training log, share photos/videos, and much more. TrackieReg is an online registration system for track & field, x-country and road running events. Trackie.org is a professional website development & graphic design firm with hundreds of clients located throughout North America ranging from Olympic Gold Medalists, small to large businesses showcasing innovative products/ideas.