Racquetball Canada National Championships

Brossard, Quebec
May 24-28th, 2022
Deadline: May 9 at 23:59 (Eastern Time)
Registration Closed

Division Parameters

- Participants may register for a maximum of 3 divisions under the following parameters:
--- Max of 2 singles divisions
--- Max of 2 doubles divisions
- Max of one singles skill division (A, B, C etc.) and one age singles division
--- Singles skill divisions are co-ed
--- Singles age division are gender specific
- You may play one skill (A, B, C, etc.) doubles and one age division doubles, OR one age doubles and one mixed doubles, OR one skill doubles and one mixed doubles
--- Skill divisions in doubles must be of the level of the higher ranked partner
- Age for adult divisions is as of the first day of the tournament

- For Junior National Team qualification junior participants can only play their specific age category in the following singles divisions: 21U, 18U & 16U
- Juniors may play up in age divisions only if playing doubles
- Only juniors aged 14+ may participate in adult skill divisions
- Age for junior divisions is as of the January 1 of the calendar year

Registration is now closed.

For more information please visit the event page.