2022 Milk XC Challenge

Winnipeg, Manitoba
September 28th, 2022
Deadline: Sep 20 at 23:59 (Central Time)
Registration Closed

Entry Fees

  • $10.50 per individual entry.
  • $15.75 per team (up to 6 individuals) to a school maximum of $157.50. (Fees include GST).

Indicate number of teams per event – Minimum of 4 athletes and maximum of 6 athletes per team, best 4 performances will be used in team total for award banners. When indicating teams: for example, if you have 12 athletes in one grade/same gender you would, therefore, have 2 teams. If you have 13 athletes in the same grade/same gender, you would have 2 teams and 1 individual.

Indicate number of individual athletes per event – If you do not have enough athletes for a team (less than 4), you still have to indicate how many athletes that are racing as individuals.

*Athletes will be provides a carton of chocolate milk following the completion of their race. If it imperative that schools provide the most accurate number of athletes participating in this event so that we can secure enough milk for everyone.*

  • Michael Kananoja
  • programs@athleticsmanitoba.com
  • Phone: 204-925-5743

Registration is now closed.

For more information please visit the event page.