Summer Speed Training (Alberta Speed School)

Summer Speed Training (Alberta Speed School)

Red Deer, Alberta

Prices & Deadlines

Speed Training (Alberta Speed School)
August 7th, 2024 11:59pm (Mountain Time)Registration Opened
Registration Fees
In-person Training / Coaching$100.00

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Other Information

This is a 10 week Speed training program, once weekly. The sessions will be on every Wednesday at 10:00am, starting June 12th - August 7th. Located at the track at Lindsay Thurber HS, however from time to time we may train at the field located at the Dawe School (6175 67 Street, Red Deer, AB). Training sessions are always weather permitting. No refunds.

Emphasis will be on speed bio-mechanics, the phases of acceleration, breathing patterns, speed endurance, explosive speed, speed testing, Stride Pattern, Stride rate, Video Analysis.

Lindsay Thurber location:

* No parking at the track. Parking in front of the school across the street.

* No bathroom facilities at Lindsay Thurber track

* From time to time we may have to relocated because of other track bookings (ie: Gr 9 track meet...)

* Be respectful of the school environment as there may be outdoor phys-ed classes....

Dawe Location:

* Outside on the field

* Bathrooms available inside the Dawe fitness center

* Occasional training sessions will be inside the Dawe center, on the track