CSKA Annual Karate Tournament

CSKA Annual Karate Tournament

May 4th, 2024Calgary, Alberta

Prices & Deadlines

Regular deadline:
May 1st, 2024 11:59pm (Mountain Time)Registration Opened
Registration Fees
Price $30.00 per entry

All prices in CAD $

Payment Methods


Additional Documents

Other Information

Start time - 9:00 AM
End tome - 5:00 PM
Location: Midsun Community Centre, 50 Midpark Rise SE, Calgary AB T2X 1L7

White to Orange Belt = Novice
Green to Purple Belt = Intermediate
Brown & Black Belts = Advanced
(Categories may be combined where # of entries dictate)

Rules: Based on WSKA Shobu-Ippon. Please make yourself familiar with scoring criteria etc.

Minimum Protective Equipment Required (must have - no exceptions):
1. Mouth Guard
2. WKF style hand mitts only

Optional Protective Equipment:
1. Chest Protector
2. Head protection for children
3. Shin and foot protection for children

Clarifications regarding Team Kata and Kumite events. Please note:

Entries for these events will be taken on the day of the Tournament and will be sorted accordingly and to determine if there are enough entries for Team Events to take place.
Please hand in your Teams to the Tournament Directors table by 9:00 AM.

Team Kumite: Min 3 competitors. Teams will be sorted by gender, age and skill level and will only compete against their respective gender, age and levels.
Team Kata: 3 competitors per team, can be mixed gender, age and level.
Depending on the number of teams entered:
Teams will be sorted by age and skill level and will compete against their respective age and/or levels if there are sufficient entries or;
All Kata Teams will compete against each other if there are insufficient entries to group otherwise