Karate BC Equipment Rental Agreement

Karate BC Equipment Rental Agreement

January 1st - December 31st, 2028Multiple, British Columbia

Prices & Deadlines

Regular deadline:
December 31st, 2028 11:59pm (Pacific Time)Registration Opened
Registration Fees
Price $50.00 per entry
Additional Fees
Refundable damage deposit$100.00 per entry
Additional Purchases
Mat Sets$75.00
Ring Kits$25.00
Mat Sets$100.00
Ring Kits$35.00

All prices in CAD $

Payment Methods


* Small processing fee applies

Other Information

This form is to be used to book the rental of Karate BC mats and/or ring kits.

PLEASE NOTE: Equipment Care is Your Responsibility
 Clubs and organizations renting equipment from Karate BC will be charged an administration fee as indicated in the form, to ensure equipment is returned to Karate BC in proper order.
 If mats are properly bagged, the mat storage bags are in good repair, and ring kits are returned with contents intact, the full deposit will be returned.

Ring Kits: Supplies that are used must be replaced or deposit will not be returned. It is your responsibility to check the kits have the same equipment as when rented.

Mats: Please be aware that the mat material is very soft and will damage easily. Please instruct your set-up and most importantly the “take-down” crew of the following information:
1. While positioning mats, do not pull on interlocking tabs as these will tear off with little force. Plan your set-up so that mat shifting is minimized.
2. Do not place any hard or heavy objects anywhere on the mats, i.e. spiked heels, chairs, or anything that will exert concentrated pressure onto the mat surface.
3. All volunteers should be made aware and be responsible for mat safety throughout the tournament. Spectators should not be permitted to walk near the mats nor should volunteers wear spiked heels during the tournament. Limit mat traffic.
4. There are 100 pieces to each ring, 20 pieces into each of five bags per ring. It is your responsibility to ensure proper bagging of the mats at the end of each tournament. You must appoint someone to oversee the proper bagging of each ring (see below).
5. Do not use tape of any kind! Mats are two colours: red and blue; turn one piece over to provide an athlete starting position if necessary.
6. Bags for mats are in good working condition. Treat them carefully. Torn handles or damaged zippers will result in forfeiting your damage deposit.
7. Chair protectors are included and must be used on each corner piece.

Lower Mainland Fast Freight can provide mat transportation at a reasonable rate.
Please advise us if you wish to use their services and provide the event location.
Volunteers must be in attendance to assist driver in moving the mats!