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Chi Running Workshop

Chi Running Workshop

Fredericton, New Brunswick
June 22nd, 2019

Chi Running Workshop Beginners Level 1
ChiRunning Workshop
Level 1 Beginners, June 22, 2019, Fredericton, NB, UNB, offered by Capital City Road Runners
What is ChiRunning?
ChiRunning applies the principles of T’ai Chi to running, with the promise of effortless and injury-free running. The technique focuses on using the pull of gravity for propulsion rather than the muscles of the legs, thus reducing effort and the chance of injury.
$125 for the 4 hour workshop, Payment is due May 22, 2019, course is June 22, 2019. Payment will be refunded if there are insufficient participants.
Registration: As attendance is limited registration is required. A minimum of 10 participants is required with a maximum of 20 acceptedl.
Location and Dates: June 22, 2019, 8:30 to 12:30 at the Currie Centre, UREC, UNB, Seminar Room, and Recreation Gym #2.
Read About it
ChiRunning by Danny Dreyer available at most bookstores.
What to Expect
A fun and informative session that your running will love. The level I workshop lasts four hours and is for those new to Chi Running. We focus on technique with little running. It is interactive and the instructors will demonstrate the technique. You follow and the instructors will review and correct. Very little time is spent on theory. The complete ChiRunning technique is covered, but the focus is on the basics:
• Posture – the foundation of both good health and good running.
• Lean – utilizing the pull of gravity for propulsion.
• Lower Body– legs are completely relaxed except for a knee bend and heel lift.
• Upper Body – in ChiRunning the upper body is as important as the lower body.
The workshop also covers Cadence, Stride Length, Hill Running techniques and Drills. You do not need to take notes as handouts will be provided covering what you have learned.
The Instructors:
Hyongok Cho Kent is a certified Master Chi Running/Walking instructor as well as a certified Personal Trainer. Hyongok believes in a holistic approach to fitness that recognizes the relationship between the body and the mind and the ongoing dialogue between the two. Her philosophy is based on a sound understanding of the body gained through an intensive practice of Ashtanga and Anasura yoga, Chi Running/Walking, and an extremely active lifestyle. Hyongok has completed several half marathons and marathons.
John Kent is a certified Senior Chi Running/Walking instructor. John is a life-long recreational runner with the occasional venture into competition. He leads an active lifestyle. In addition to running, he enjoys meditation, walking, cycling, Qigong, T’ai Chi and cross-country skiing. Hyongok and John host ChiRunning workshops across Eastern Canada and are based in Montreal. They study with Danny Dreyer or master instructors on an ongoing basis. They are looking forward to the upcoming Chi Running Instructors weekend in North Carolina.
Suggested Prerequisite
To get the most benefit from the workshop it is recommended that you read the book “ChiRunning” by Danny Dreyer, or watch a Video prior to the workshop. This can help allow you to validate your understanding of the technique and receive clarification if you require it, at the workshop. If you don’t have time to read the book, don’t worry, as the instructors lead all workshops from basic principles. For more information about ChiRunning visit the ChiRunning web site: www.chirunning.com.
Learn More
Contact John: Tel 514-487-4359 Email John@stillrunning.ca Web: WWW.Stillrunning.ca Facebook: Stillrunning, or contact the local facilitator, Fran Robinson, alces@nbnet.nb.ca or phone 506-461-5817.

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