Cory Holly Classic Competition 2024

Hammer Start Time 11:00 am

Shot Put Start Time 12:00 am 

Discus Start Time 1:00 pm

Javelin Start Time 2:00 pm

Weight Throw Start Time 3:00 pm

Rolling Start Times (Times are Approximate)

The Weight Throw Pentathlon (all five throws) is available to Senior and Masters throwers who wish to participate. During registration scroll down the Event menu bar and choose Throws Pentathlon. You will be automatically be entered in all five throws (hammer, shot, discus, javelin and weight throw). Each participant gets three throws only.

Note* All throwers registered in the Weight Throw Pentathlon (WTP) will throw together with other throwers registered in the same individual events. For example, let's say that 6 men have registered in the Mens hammer and 3 men have registered in the Mens WTP. All 9 men will compete together in one heat designated for Mens Hammer according to the event schedule, but the men in the WTP, who will be listed first in terms of sequence or throwing order, are allowed only 3 throws, whereas the men who registered in the Mens hammer as a single event, are allowed 6 throws. All nine men will take turns throwing in sequence. After the third sequence of throws, only the 6 men who registered for the hammer as an individual event, will continue to throw.

Note. If you want to compete in any event for six throws, you will need to select that extra throw event and add it to your pentathlon during registration.

As always, athletes will be filmed during competition in each of their events. Final results will be converted into a YouTube video and then displayed on our channel. The link will be sent to each participant along with event results.

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