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Atlantic Cross Country Championships

Charlottetown, PE
November 8th, 2003

Pee Wee Girls
1st Rebecca Barton Fredericton, NB 12:24
2nd Chelsea Cleghorn Fredericton, NB 12:41
3rd Tressa Lloyd Charlottetown, PEI 12:53
4th Catherine Strongman Summerside, PEI 13:04
5th Tessa Stammberger Kensington, PEI 13:10
6th Mariah O'Brien Riverview, NB 13:17
7th Carrie Bernard Hazel Grove, PEI 13:32
8th Sammy-Joe Wilson Charlottetown, PEI 13:49
9th Olivia Murphy Winsloe, PEI 13:58
10th Paige Crowell Charlottetown, PEI 14:27
11th Laura Younker Charlottetown, PEI 14:32
12th Emily Fitzgerald Charlottetown, PEI 14:46
13th Monica LeBlanc Charlottetown, PEI
14th Charlotte Jenkins Charlottetown, PEI

Overall Team
West Royalty Elementary School Charlottetown, PEI
Olivia Murphy, Tressa Lloyd, Catherine Strongman, Laura Younker

Pee Wee Boys
1st Stefan Bielecki New Maryland, NB 6:15
2nd Dustin Chambers Newport, NS 6:17
3rd Perry Kinch Tignish, PEI 6:45
4th Nathan Trainor Stratford, PEI 6:56
5th Travis Aten Springvale, PEI 7:01
6th Brett Bernard Hunter River 7:07
7th Alex Stewart Riverview, NB 7:10
8th Taylor Coady Winsloe, PEI 7:14
9th James Mallard Winsloe, PEI 7:25
10th Brandon Banks North Wiltshire, PEI 7:26
11th Sven Stammberger Kensington, PEI 7:28
12th John MacKenzie Riverview, NB 9:15
13th Cameron Bessey Riverview, NB
14th Willy Blakely Riverview, NB

Overall Team
Central Queens
Taylor Coady, Brett Bernard, Travis Aten, Brandon Banks

Bantam Boys
1st John Cleghorn Fredericton, NB 11:54
2nd Logan Sauve Souris, PEI 12:18
3rd James Stuart Riverview, NB 12:27
4th Josh Metsger Charlottetown, PEI 12:33
5th Daniel Lewis NS 13:57
6th Ryan Lloyd Charlottetown, PEI 14:18
7th Andy Tree Fredericton, NB 14:28
8th Zach Murphy Winsloe, PEI 14:46
Overall Team
Queen Charlotte Junior High, Charlottetown, PEI
Logan Sauve, Josh Metsger, Ryan Llody, Zach Murphy

Bantam Girls
1st Kaylea German Fredericton, NB 6:36
2nd Nadine Frost Bocabec, NB 7:08
3rd Genevieve Lalonde Moncton, NB 7:18
4th Lydia Frost Bocabec, NB 7:27
5th Lindsay Harris New Minas, NS 7:33
6th Katie Miller Riverview, NB 7:43
7th Teri Allaby Oromocto, NB 7:46
8th Chelsea Horochuk Oromocto, NB 7:56
9th Jillian Edwards Charlottetown, PEI 8:00
10th Madeline Crowell Charlottetown, PEI 8:03
11th Rebecca Haworth Waverley, NS 8:17
12th Lesley Baker Riverview, NB 8:18
13th Brittany Banks North Wiltshire, PEI 8:20

Midget Girls
1st Taya McGillivary Port Williams, NS 12:47
2nd Chelsea MacKenzie Montague, PEI 12:49
3rd Lindsay Hachey Riverview, NB 12:55
4th Quinn Horochuk Oromocto, NB 12:59
5th Kelly MacDonald Montague, PEI 13:29
6th Maranda Grant Charlottetown, PEI 13:50
7th Chelsea Germain Fredericton, NB 14:33
8th Tanya Gallant O'Leary, PEI 16:02

Midget Boys
1st Jean-Phillipe Roy Moncton, NB 19:57
2nd Tyler Blakely Riverview, NB 20:23
3rd Angus MacPhail Charlottetown, PEI 20:34

Juvenile Girls
1st Paula MacDonald Montague, PEI 20:47
2nd Jean Baker Argyle Shore, PEI 20:49

Juvenile Boys
1st Andrew Harris New Minas, NS 21:45
2nd Michel Daoust Hunter River, PEI 23:38
3rd Justin Horton Oromocton, NB 23:49

Junior Boys
1st Peter Gaudet Montrose, PEI 35:01

Senior Men
1st Patrick Ryan Stratford, PEI 38:04

Masters Women
1st Karen Moore Charlottetown, PEI 31:26
2nd Avril Lewis NS 32:31
3rd Brenda Tree Fredericton, NB 36:22

Masters Men
1zt David Tree Fredericton, NB 23:22
2nd Paul Wright Bedeque, PEI 24:49

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