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Santa Claus Throws Spectacular

Saskatoon, SK
December 16th, 2006

Weight Throw Open Women (9.08kg)
1. Liz Dubourt Uof S 14.40m
2. Heather Howe UofS 14.01m
3. Chantal Spies UofS 13.12m

Weight Throw Junior Women (9.08kg)
1. Michelle Vollman 13.62m
2. Sarah Klimm (Tisdale) UofR 13.38m
3. Lindsay Facca UofS 12.27m

Weight Throw Juvenile Women (9.08kg)
1. Taryn Suttie (Hanley) Riversdale 11.48m
2. Chelsey Revoy (Archerwill) Tisdale 10.19m

Weight Throw Open Men (15.9 kg)
1. Justin Smith STFC/UofS 12.07m
2. Andrew Smith Uof S 11.07m
3. Jeff Karr UofS 11.03m

Weight Throw Masters Men
1. Bob Edwards UNA 10.97m
2. Ted Rowan (7.26 kg) CEN 9.03m (New Masters Record 70+)
3. Roland Delhomeau CEN 8.71m

Shot Put Women (4kg)
1. Chantal Spies STFC/UofS 12.51m
2. Liz Dubourt UofS 10.74m
3. Heather Howe UofS 10.55m
4. Jessie Buydens UofS 9.96m

Shot Put Junior Women (4kg)
1. Lindsay Facca UofS 11.06m
2. Michelle Vollman UofS 10.67m
3. Sarah Klimm TIS 10.27mm

Shot Put Juvenile Women (4kg)
1. Chelsey Revoy (Archerwill) Tisdale 12.31m (New Juvenile record)
2. Taryn Suttie Riversdale 12.10m
3. Kim Elliott St. Mary’s 10.20m
4. Veronika Smits Stfc 9.55m
5. Maegan York Riv 6.58m

Shot Put Midget Women (4kg)
1. Julie Johnson Riversdale 8.83m
2. Mercedes Rhode Riversdale 8.09m

Shot Put PeeWee Women (2.72 kg)
1. MacKenzie Pek Riversdale 8.72m

Shot Put Men (7.26 kg)
1. Justin Greif UofS/Tis 14.95m
2. Andrew Smith UofS 13.66m
3. Nick Clarke STFC/UofS 12.38m
4. Justin Smith STFC/UofS 12.30m
5. Marc Baron STFC/UofS 11.89m
6. Jeff Karr UofS 11.82m

Shot Put Juvenile Men (5kg)
1. Jordan Forbes Una 12.51m
2. Zach Schroeder Una 12.36m

Shot Put Midget Men (4kg)
1. Taylor Jones STFC 14.26m
2. Nolan Machiskinic Una 14.05m
3. Sam Podiluk Una 11.61m
4. Nick Bilquist Una 9.45m

Shot Put Masters Men
1. Bob Edwards (5kg) UNA 9.04m
2. Ted Rowan (4kg) CEN 8.61m (New Masters Record 70+)
3. Roland Delhomeau (5kg) CEN 7.75m

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