TLTC Intro to Race Walking

TLTC Intro to Race Walking

10-17 décembre 2023Nouvelle-Écosse

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Join us for an Introduction to Race Walking Clinic with Olympian Philip Vesty from Great Britain!

Sunday Dec 10 & 17 from 11:00am - noon at the Cougar Dome. Free event. All are welcome.

Race walking differs from running in that it requires the athlete to maintain contact with the ground at all times and requires the leading leg to be straightened as the foot makes contact with the ground. It must remain straightened until the leg passes under the body.

Race walking combines the endurance of the long distance runner with the attention to technique of a hurdler or shot putter. Producing less impact, this event continues to grow in popularity across the younger and older age groups for its fitness and competitive aspects.

Race Walking in competition events can be 1500m & 3k events at Legion Youth National Championships (age U16-U18) up to 20k and 35k at the Olympics and World Championships.

Racewalking doesn't require expensive equipment and nearly anyone can participate! Racewalking will give you a much better workout than “regular” walking, and it’s much easier on your body than jogging or running. So why wait, register today!