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McAdam Middle and High School Meet

McAdam, NB
October 4th, 2017

Schools participating: St Stephen Middle School (SSMS), St Stephen High School (SSHS), Fundy Middle High School (FMHS), Sir James Dunn Academy (SJDA), McAdam High School (MHS), Harvey High School (HHS), Leo Hayes High School (LHHS), Fredericton High School (FHS), Hartland Community School (HCS), Nackawic High School (NHS), Fredericton Christian Academy (FCA), Oromocto High School (OHS), Ecole Ste Anne (ESA), Campobello Island Community School (CICS).

Middle School Girls (1700m)

Madeline Boon SSMS 6:10

Madison Hannah HHS 6:20

Marissa Calder CICS 6:36

Gabby Messer MHS 6:45

Maeve Lee FMHS 6:56

Kristine Culberson HCS 7:06

Reegan Reid SJDA 7:13

Shayna Voutt MHS 7:32

Bronwyn Hatt SSMS 7:36

Haley McIver MHS 8:39

Marsha Vest SSMS 9:15

Brianna Drost HHS 9:40

Ramsey Foster CICS 10:07

Middle School Boys (1700m)

Keegan Page HCS 5:20

Owen Smith HHS 5:27

Adam Barrieau HHS 5:28

Alexander Robichaud HHS 5:30

Landon Fillion HCS 6:02

Evan Martin SSMS 6:06

Wyatt Caldwell SSMS 6:07

Sam Voutt SSMS 6:10

Xavier Chevalier HHS 6:11

Caleb McPhee SJDA 6:16

Sawyer Russell SSMS 6:19

Joe Gregory HHS 6:29

Ethan Nestoruk HHS 6:31

Bayler White SSMS 6:33

Koen Woodside SSMS 6:38

Eric Fillion HCS 6:40

Ethan McIntyre MHS 6:42

MacKenzie Cleghorn SSMS 6:44

Archer Smith HHS 6:45

Maxwell Brown SSMS 6:58

Tyler Harvey HCS 7:08

Jaxon McCray SSMS 7:09

Carter Reagon HHS 7:10

Sequoia Sky SJDA 7:11

Michael Harvey HCS 7:24

Junior Varsity Girls (Grades 9-10) (3300m)

MacKenzie Hall FHS 12:44

Danielle Keefe FHS 12:46

Frances Wright FHS 13:17

Madeleine McLeod ESA 13:48

Emily Haynes FHS 14:09

Haley McFarlane LHHS 15:51

Julia Page HCS 16:38

Abby Sherman MHS 18:23

Morgan Bigger MHS 19:01

Junior Varsity Boys (Grades 9-10) (3300m)

Jake McPhee SJDA 12:59

Keegan Bubar HCS 13:13

Devon Seeley SJDA 13:34

Jacob Kent HCS 14:02

Keighn Glenndenning LHHS 14:09

Ethan McGillicuddy MHS 14:14

Bryan Clarke SJDA 14:26

Ben Grant HHS 14:41

Garrnet Carr SJDA 14:43

Kayden Voutt MHS 15:26

Austin Porter HHS 16:21

Parker Thibodeau HCS 18:12

Sam Copp MHS 19:37

Senior Girls (Grades 11-12) (3800m)

Emmanuelle Martin ESA 17:12

Hannah Haynes FHS 17:15

Nora Feeney SJDA 17:22

Amelia Welch SJDA 17:27

Lilli Wegerich SJDA 17:40

Mia Scalabrin SJDA 19:21

Brooke Reid SJDA 20:02

Anna-Maria Kohne SJDA 20:03

Brandi Harvey HCS 27:50

Senior Boys (Grades 11-12) (3800m)

Aiden Donnelly HHS 14:21

Shane Brown FMHS 15:02

Stephen Eatman LHHS 15:54

Karson Howell NHS 15:57

Liam Robertson OHS 16:13

Santaigo Sanchez FCA 17:23

Devon Grant NHS 17:43

Jomaa Al Tarmo HHS 19:56

James Soh FCA 21:08

Khoi Nguyen FCA 21:24

Curtis Gowan FMHS 21:46

Austin Demerchant HCS 30:45

Griffin Clark LHHS 33:17

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