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BU John Thomas Terrier Classic

Boston, MA, US
January 26-27th, 2018

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Lancer Timing Services

Schedule of Events

Latest Completed Heat

Latest Completed Event

Friday Running Events

Starting at 1:00 PM

Women 60 M Hurdles Prelims
Women 800 M Run
Women 60 M Dash Prelims
Women 400 M Dash
Women 60 M Hurdles FINAL
Women 60 M Dash FINAL
Women 500 M Dash
Women 1000 M Run
Women 200 M Dash
Women 1 Mile Run
Women 4x400 M Relay
Women 3000 M Run
Men "Invitational" 3000 M Run
Women 5000 M Run
Men Distance Medley

Friday Field Events

Starting at 2:00 PM

Women Long Jump
Women Shot Put
Women Pole Vault
Women High Jump
Women Triple Jump
Women Weight Throw

Saturday Running Events

Starting at 11:00 PM

Women Distance Medley
Men 60 M Hurdles Prelims
Men 800 M Run
Men 60 M Dash Prelims
Men 400 M Dash
Men 60 M Hurdles FINAL
Men 60 M Dash FINAL
Men 500 M Dash
Men 1000 M Run
Men 200 M Dash
Men 1 Mile Run
Men 4x400 M Relay
Men 3000 M Run
Men 5000 M Run

Saturday Field Events

Starting at 10:30 AM

Men Long Jump
Men Shot Put
Men Pole Vault
Men High Jump
Men Weight Throw
Men Triple Jump

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