Remarkably, Trackie has now surpassed the two-decade milestone! A journey that began over 20 years ago at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton has seen remarkable changes since its inception. Some of you have been with us from the very start, while many others have become part of our community along the way. Now that we are in the process of closing down our legacy platform, it feels like the perfect time to reflect and showcase the transformations Trackie has undergone. We thought it'd be fascinating to take everyone back to a journey starting in 2002.

July 26 2002

The term 'Trackie' was inspired by the word 'Trekkie,' which refers to a devoted fan of the Star Trek series. Similarly, 'Trackie' denotes someone who is passionately enthusiastic about Track & Field right!? This playful adaptation captures the spirit and dedication of Track & Field enthusiasts.

The original Trackie logo created in 2002
The original logo for Trackie, designed in 2002, embodied a vibe reminiscent of 'Trekkie' aesthetics.
JULY was Born!

The initial sketch of emerged in early 2002. went live on July 26th, 2002. Take a look at this brief video to see it in action! The site featured a playful, albeit non-essential, intro reminiscent of the classic MGM Intro, a nod to the era when such intros were popular.

Initially, was created as an online hub for track and field enthusiasts to gather and engage in discussions about the sport.

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JANUARY Web Design

Not long after's debut, we began receiving requests for website design and development. Today, our web design enterprise boasts over 150 clients across North America, and we're expanding steadily each year.

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DECEMBER Version 2.0

Version 2's intro screen featured dynamic themes for various holidays, like Christmas elves during the festive season.

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Version 2 underwent significant design changes. While the earlier version was lively and colorful, it lacked efficiency for our users.

We once again crafted a playful, albeit non-essential, intro, humorously titled 'World War Trackie.' You can still view this intro here.

JANUARY Version 2.1

Version 2.1 didn't see many alterations in its layout. The primary update was the introduction of a 'Chat Tab,' enabling users to communicate with each other while navigating the site.

Alongside the release of version 2.1, we unveiled 'Trackie Pro Am,' a standout among our most acclaimed games. Winners of these games were rewarded with prizes, and we even designed a character in the subsequent game based on the person who won. Although 'Trackie Pro Am' and our other Trackie games are no longer available, you can explore a list of the games we offered here.

JULY Version 3.0

The initial concept sketch for version 3.0.

Version 3's design closely resembled its predecessor, but with numerous minor adjustments. These enhancements made Trackie more user-friendly and faster to navigate.

MAY TrackieReg was introduced

TrackieReg was developed to enable Meet Managers to effortlessly establish online registration for their events. Initially a side project, it ultimately evolved into the primary focus of the current platform.

NOVEMBER Version 4.0

Version 4 introduced a substantial redesign, integrating advertisements into the website as a means to generate profit. Additionally, we added a 'Social Network' feature, allowing Trackies to share photos, videos, and stay connected with each other.

JANUARY Version 5.0

Version 5 brought about a modest redesign, marking Trackie's entry into the social media world with the launch of our Facebook and Twitter pages.

We introduced TrackieTV featuring 'Monctrack' boys and Sports Agent Kris Mychasiw in 'Double O Kris.' Additionally, we launched the 'Follow' section, allowing Trackies to conveniently access their favorite track & field blogs.

Trackie also rolled out its latest game, 'Trackie 400,' which sparked intense competition nationwide. While our games are no longer available, you can view a list of them here. True to our tradition, we offered fantastic prizes for 'Trackie 400,' including movie-sized posters for the top three competitors.

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JANUARY was Introduced was a service developed specifically for Athletics Canada to streamline their membership registration management at the time.

MARCH Version 6.0

Version 6.0 made its debut in March 2015.

This version represented a total overhaul compared to its predecessor. The final design version is displayed above, and the original sketch is shown below.



Since 2015, there have been numerous updates, but the main goal of our current version was to amalgamate all previous Trackie services—,, TrackieReg, and—into a single, unified platform at with our primary focus on streamlining our registration services.

You might have observed the color gradient bar at the top of our current website, transitioning smoothly from Blue to Green to Orange to Red. These colors were used in our legacy platform to represent each of our previous services ( in Blue, TrackieReg in Green, in Orange, and in Red). This visual feature pays tribute to our legacy platform.

Above is the original site-map sketch for our project, code-named 'ONE Trackie.' As each section was completed, we marked it off on this map.

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