Bow Valley Pickleball Association

5 Must- Dos for Beginning Pickleball Players

It’s true. There are only 5 pretty simple things you have to do to get started playing pickleball in the Bow Valley. Everything else? Optional!

First, join the BVPA and sign up for our Newsletters. If you have never played, our TRY IT and Beginner sessions (mentored) are for you. If you have non-pickleball court experience or have played pickleball a few times, then Novice 2.0 is the place to start.

Second, spend a little time familiarizing yourself with basic rules HERE and with watching a video or two on the game. [hint: click on the back arrow on the site you go to in order to get back here]. There are literally thousands of them on You Tube. It’s easy to get carried away and check out the top players and some excellent finals matches in the big tournaments, but for right now stay with the basics, OK? The basics could include watching an introduction to pickleball HERE (ignore the ads) or chose from one of many available. Just Google “pickleball” and you’ll get 27,200,000 hits at your disposal!

Third, register to play. Our e-Newsletters will give you all the information and links to sign up for both our indoor and outdoor seasons. 

Fourth, get the equipment you need. Don't have a paddle? Don't worry. The BVPA has some excellent Selkirk paddles for our TRY IT, Beginner and Novice 2.0 players to borrow. Good court shoes and eye protection are essential. BVPA supplies balls and nets for all scheduled play.

Fifth, get out there and hit a few balls. Start at the Non-Volley Zone doing what is called “dinking” to warm up and get a feel for the ball. Then move back and hit from about mid-court to each other. Then go to the baseline (the furthest point back) and hit longer shots to each other. If there are only two of you, divide the court into halves and play diagonally to each other (not straight across). In this case all balls must stay in the diagonal box of your opponent when you hit and same for them. Don’t worry too much about how to score, or any rules except two - serve underhand and read up on the “two-bounce” rule. Just get out there, practise and have fun!

Sounds too easy? It is easy, and you can’t really make a mistake. It’s pickleball, after all!