Concordia University

Montreal, QC

Concordia is a full-service XC and TF program. We are looking for student-athletes who are hardworking and have a positive attitude. The goal here is for every athlete that comes to Concordia to improve each year. We accomplish this through progressive training and a positive team culture that is inclusive and supportive of one common goal: getting better at athletics. Our goal in the next 5 years is to win conference and national championships.

liste d’équipe - Concordia University

Personnel de soutien

Nom Sexe Position Lieu de résidence
Pfefferle, JustinMCoach



Nom Sexe Birthdate Program Elig. Lieu de résidence
Anver Mohamed Rizan, Abdul RahmanM2005Computer Engineering1Montreal
Colpron, MatthewM2002Human Relations1Kirkland QC
Duniya, JesseM0000
Edema, Itsetimeyin MartinM2005Aerospace Engineering1Montreal
Farias, MatteoM2004Finance1Ville Mont Royal
Fong, ConnorM2004Marketing1Calgary AB
Gabaud, ShaidanM2001English Literature1Montreal
Graham, LucasM2003Computer Engineering1Montreal
Lavallée, JamesM1997Commerce1Montreal
Maor, OmerM1998Economics1Verdun
Marchand, LouisM2003Commerce1Varennes
Merid-Moore, BenjaminM20031
Mimeault, MatthewM1998Montreal
Nkurunziza, PrinceM2001Political Science1Vaudreuil
Racette, DanielM2003Sociology1Pincourt
Robinson, LucanusM0000
Scott, BrandonM2003English Literature1Montreal
Transue, OwenM2004Computer Science1Durham, NC
Veto, EricM1999Political Science1Montreal
Brown, KatieF1999Educational Studies3Montreal
Brown, MadelynF2002Mechanical Engineering2Dorval
Colucci, SophiaF2002Psychology1Toronto
Da Silveira, Ionah AdjéléF2002Behavioural Neuroscience1Laval
Faour, SibaF2003Marketing1Montreal
Fulton-Kennedy, CaitlynF20041Dollard-des-ormeaux
Goujon, SoniaF2003Pscyhology1Santa Fe NM
Lam, Jasmine JCF1999Recreation and Lesiure1Richmond Hill ON
Lemieux, JadynF2000Math and statistics1Chateauguay
Ma, YelenaF2005Socilogy1Richmond BC
Manigat, MariaF2001Mechanical Engineering1Montreal
Robinson, SkyeF2001Athletic Therapy2Chelsea
Ross, MakailaF2005Business1Montreal
Senecal, GabrielleF2001Commerce/Marketing3Otterburn Park
Stone, AnastasiaF1998History1Jersey UK
Webb, KennedyF2003Finance1Montreal